Not that I'm obsessed with worms but . . . .

  Covergirl 09:37 06 Apr 2011

Since Tuesday morning I have noticed lots of worms on the footpaths - either tarmac or paved. The weather up here has been mild and damp; mostly showers, but generally damp in between.

I just wondered what has suddenly caused them to abandon their natural home for the footpaths? The worms were there 7.30am and 3.30pm yesterday and again 7.30am this morning, so I assume it's an all day and night job for them - and it's spread over onto day 2 now.

Anybody else noticed ?

  Al94 09:49 06 Apr 2011

Mating time. They come out of the ground to find each other and to lie side by side in a mating posture, a difficult thing to do in the confines of their burrows and as they are susceptible to drying out, do this when it has been wet.

  Diemmess 09:55 06 Apr 2011

I suspect the ones on the paths are the stupid ones. Far better [for them] to stay on grassed areas.

After a long dry cool spell it's mating and feeding frenzy time. Bits of slime, dead leaves and so on.

Any birds that enjoy the worms are partying too.

  Covergirl 09:57 06 Apr 2011

None of them appear to be paired up when I walked past. Just random scatterings of them, even in the middle of car parks up to 10m from soil!

  wiz-king 10:02 06 Apr 2011

Perhaps they have learnt to read.

Spot the councils new 'keep off the grass' notice.

  ella33 10:45 06 Apr 2011

Ha ha, love some of the answers! I haven't noticed any recently but I have noticed that there are spells of worms on the pavements, near grass, so maybe A194 is correct. However, remembering our study of worms at school, I don't remember them mating specifically in Spring but during most of the summer? I had always thought it was drier days, when the ground was hard that worms had trouble and came up for water and maybe crossed the footpath hoping the grassy area on the other side is softer. They also surface when it is very rainy but neither seems to be the case in your description!

  Covergirl 17:53 06 Apr 2011

No pairs either. Some got squashed by pedestrians, others probably got ate by birds but still quite a few corpses.

  tullie 18:05 06 Apr 2011

Are you medically qualified to say they were dead lol

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