Not the ideal place for a poster

  interzone55 10:30 14 Apr 2011

Poster advertising TV show The Walking Dead pasted on the side of a Co-Op funeral parlour Click Here

  spuds 11:14 14 Apr 2011

Advertising and marketing all have their own little quirks in life, and this was perhaps one of them?.

  Colin 12:33 14 Apr 2011

The biggest mistake is if anyone watches this drivel. I saw it on FX and although it started well it just tailed off towards the end of the series.

  Forum Editor 18:41 14 Apr 2011


Everyone is entitled to express an opinion, but 'Waking the dead', drivel?

I would hardly think that a series which ran in prime time for ten years and averaged an audience of 6.5 million (27% of the viewing audience) qualifies as 'drivel'.

In the end, like so many TV dramas it suffered at the hands of the milkers - producers who are so reluctant to give up a good thing that they come up with ever more bizarre story lines. It was a pity, but that's life in the world of television. I thought it was one of the gems in the TV drama crown, but I respect your right to differ.

  morddwyd 19:54 14 Apr 2011

I'm confused (again!).

Are we talking about "Waking the Dead" or "The Walking Dead" which is what appeared when I clicked the link?

  monkeyboy21 20:22 14 Apr 2011


I think The Walking Dead! FE just has his wires crossed a little, although I thought the series was excellent! For that matter so was Waking the Dead!

  oresome 18:12 15 Apr 2011

It would have paid dividends for the Co-Op to have had a advert vetting clause in the billboard agreement, then they could have laid this matter to rest.

  Forum Editor 18:35 15 Apr 2011

"FE just has his wires crossed a little"

Diplomatically put, and totally correct. I mis-read the opening post, and in my haste to leap to the defence of what I think was a pretty good series I grabbed the wrong end of the stick.

Apologies to all, especially you Colin; I'll slink off and keep quiet.

  Colin 19:38 15 Apr 2011

Thanks for the apology, FE. I think we've all probably done this at some time. I tend to skim through the posts and I can recall a few times that I’ve got the wrong end of the stick. With regard to Waking The Dead, I can’t comment as I’ve never watched it, but I know that it does get good reviews.

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