Not a Good Day

  laurie53 10:03 26 Oct 2008

While resetting the bedroom clock last night I inadvertently set the alarm to, shall we say, quite early.

I might get some tea, but lunch is bit doubtful!

  birdface 10:56 26 Oct 2008

Your not to bad then.You never put it in the fridge.So your memory is not completely gone.Ive turned up at work an hour early.Also an hour late. I just don't remember to change the time.

  Condom 17:41 26 Oct 2008

Can I join you for dinner. Mine has heard the Chelsea result and retired injured.

  PalaeoBill 20:20 26 Oct 2008

The alarm clock is radio controlled and resets itself thankfully. Unfortunately I'm not. I came home last week to find a pint of milk in the pantry and the coffee jar in the fridge, where I had clearly left them that morning.

  interzone55 20:24 26 Oct 2008

I think most of the people who use my gym forgot to reset their clocks, when I turned up at 9am (GMT) it was absolutely packed with people I usually pass as I walk out 10am...

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