Not a Favourite Hallowe'en Activity.

  morddwyd 20:54 25 Oct 2012

It's that time of year when bowel screening kits drop through the door.

I know it's for my own good, but I must confess out of all the old established Hallowe'en traditions, catching poo on a lolly stick is not top of my list of favourites.

Still, look on the bright side, in addition to getting a free TV licence at 75 I also can't get bowel cancer (screening stops at 74!).

  Nontek 21:14 25 Oct 2012

I also can't get bowel cancer ...........

Hmm,don't wanna be a doom merchant in any way, but at 77 I have just been found to have colon cancer, fortunately in very earliest stage - hospital next Thursday to have it removed!

  Aitchbee 21:33 25 Oct 2012

I've found the test-kit a dawdle to use [being a 2 time user] ... the colder ambient temperatures [at halloween] must keep the 'little brown spots' on their postal journey to the labs ... fresher ... longer.

  Condom 21:42 25 Oct 2012


Having just returned to Thailand after almost two years I am catching up with many old and not so old friends. Most of the news has been good but some not so good like a fellow pool league player who decided jumping from a high building was more preferable to life.

I also received a note from a friend of the same age as me telling me he has stage 3 cancer of the bowel. I knew he was ill but I never realised just how bad.

I can assure you that the lollipop stick is the much better option. Use it while you can.

  Mr Mistoffelees 22:24 25 Oct 2012

At what age does bowel cancer screening start?

  Aitchbee 22:29 25 Oct 2012

I would gladly ditch my TV(s) and donate the yearly TV Licence Fee to the Fight Against Bowel Cancer ... £145 per person's life is 'Cheap as chips'.

  Nontek 22:29 25 Oct 2012

Mr Mistoffelees ....

Age 60 and over!

  Aitchbee 22:39 25 Oct 2012

I was self-screened for bowel cancer at the age of 54 and again at 56; Scotland has a better health system than England & Wales.

  Mr Mistoffelees 22:43 25 Oct 2012

Thanks Nontek, twelve years to go!

  Kevscar1 04:19 26 Oct 2012

Aitchbee and I would gladly ditch my RSD for Bowel cancer. For every £50 donated to Cancer Research less than 1p is donate to RSD/CRPS

  natdoor 15:31 26 Oct 2012


"Still, look on the bright side, in addition to getting a free TV licence at 75 I also can't get bowel cancer screening (sreening stops at 74!)."

It is possible to request a screening kit when beyond the age covered by the screening programme. NHS link

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