not card fraud again!

  [email protected] 14:35 06 Jun 2007

in january, i found my debit card had been debited without my knowledge for nearly a year, still dont really know how my details were stolen. but i had a new card and money reinbursed.
I just used the £1.50 charging autobank in my local shop, which has recently changed hands. completely unaware and oblivious to the heated discussion behind me. my transaction took ages and i couldnt cancel the process, just as i was about to seek help it gave me my money and card back, i bought my bits and as i left the shop i was approached by a very angry gentleman telling me that i had just had my card 'read' it happened to him!
now i have used this machine many times before, but when the shop was owned by the previous chap, i have never had a problem.
when i walked into the back of the shop, unasked to find the owner 3 guys (owners sons) faced up to me and to be honest i had accepted i had ruined another perfectly good suit, when the boss himself appeared and calmed things down.
he has assured me there is nothing wrong with the machine, and i dont want to contact the bank as nothing, at this stage is a miss, what would you do?
in the last week 3 chaps at work have had problems with card fraud, one of them because he let a restuarant take his card away for payment, a week later it was being used in the states, is it me or is this becoming a frequent thing? i thought chip and pin was meant to stop this!
i use 3 online suppliers and only 1 will deliver to my registered address, all the other very popular suppliers deliver to my flat where im registered to noone! i think the experience in jan was made me a little paranoid, or has it?

  Probabilitydrive 15:16 06 Jun 2007

chip and pin is secure as long as you keep your pin number secret.

Cards may still be cloned though. So, if you hand over your card in a restaurant and by doing so letting it out of your sight, criminal element are able to clone it in a blink of an eye. If they then get hold of your pin-either by observing you punching it in or otherwise-your chip and pin security has evaporated.

hole in the wall machines are supplied with cameras and card-reader equipment to operate in the same way.

A card on its own is useless to them, but if they have your pin-you are a sitting duck.

  lisa02 15:21 06 Jun 2007

Those little shops with installed machines are notorious for skimming cards. I have never used one and have in the past endured a 15 min walk in the rain to the nearest real ATM.

They generally have a camera fixed on the pad to catch your PIN and then the reader copies your card.

Even when no is around you, conceal the PIN pad with one hand while you enter you numbers with the other.

  MichelleC 15:31 06 Jun 2007

How did you not notice for a year your dc had been used by someone else?

  Jackcoms 15:51 06 Jun 2007

"A card on its own is useless to them"

Not true. You can still use it for online transactions which don't need a PIN - just the 3-figure security code on the signature strip.

  Kate B 17:52 06 Jun 2007

I'm much more paranoid about my card after all that money was stolen from my account recently, and it's a good thing to keep an eye on stuff like that. I'd be very wary of using a machine in a shop like that - it's far too easy to tamper with. You really have to trust the people who have access to the shop and the machine.

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