Norton / Symantec Products

  immer 11:31 01 Feb 2005

I know these products are helpful when you get them to work for you, but I've had a terrible time caused by bits of previous versions stuck on my PC that caused me to be unable to load a new product. I paid for & registered all my stuff, but though Norton did eventually come up with a solution it was not easy to find out & waisted a lot of time. I know of several people who have abandoned Norton stuff because of such problems. You would think they would have a prog that would cover such things as part of an automatic check & resolve for installation/ uninstallation. If they cannot do that what confidence should I have in the maintenance it is doing for me on their programs. I would like to tell them about it but I've already waisted more time than I have on it already & it's like talking to cotten wool...

  ventanas 12:34 01 Feb 2005

Its strange that some folk have problems with Norton and others seem to get along with them fine. I'm probably inviting all sorts of trouble, but I've never had a single issue. Last week I installed the AV 2005 upgrade to 31 machines which were running 2004 professional. All went without a hitch.

I have also recently uninstalled 2004 versions of the Firewall and installed 2005. Again no problems.

  Bleep 12:35 01 Feb 2005

I agree for most novices they are unaware that for any software/driver you need to ensure a clean unistall before any attempt of an update.

A tool to check sounds a great idea, I had to remove a messed up 2003 unistall using software provided by Rnav2003 and RnisUPG which are auto remove tools.

The thing with norton is that you must install over your original installation before unistalling it and then you get it clean, the problem lies with conflicts in the registry when people dont unistall it properly.

  Bleep 12:35 01 Feb 2005

Must add in 5 years of Norton I personally have never had a issue or a virus.

  ventanas 12:37 01 Feb 2005

Good advice, but if you are running versions 2003 or earlier then they must be removed first. With 2004 its a doddle to just go straight over the top. Quick and painless.

  sattman 14:03 01 Feb 2005

And to add more confusion I have a brand new version of Norton 2005 that defies all attempts to install on a Windows ME system. Before you tell me I have done all of the cleaning, checking that is possible. The pro AVG mass will say, "Try AVG". Version 7 was even worse than Norton (some problem with the registry keys that I had neither the time nor inclination to pursue.

Avast added to the trio by giving me BSOD and eventually a system restore.

Guess what after three days hassle, and almost a domestic had to go back to Norton 2003 where I started. And even that required a reload to get the update to work again.

Now if I can get the Windows system restore to work again all will be well.

  immer 16:12 01 Feb 2005

The information that you need to download extra progs etc etc to clear out old stuf is not in the handbook & not easy to find.
Making contact with Symantec is not easy in that it is intimidating & not at all friendly. It took a long phone call with the threat of a heafty charge at the end of it, (which to be fair they waved when they got onto the problem, and the operator/advisor was helpful,) but it was the time & effort in getting there that got me. The information required was not obtained untill specificaly directed following a phone call...

  bevilj 19:23 01 Feb 2005

I agree with immer, and have changed from Norton to Trend Micro. But removing Norton System Works from my Computer was not as straight forward as it should be, and I don't consider my self a novice,

  freaky 21:31 01 Feb 2005

I was searching through the Symantec Knowledge Base, and came across a download that is available to do a clean uninstall of all/or specific products.

If you use Windows add/remove program, then it only partially removes a particular Symantec product, there is always a residue left.

Must admit I have used Norton products for years with no problems except for Ghost. Could not find anyway to make contact with them except by phone, which I was not prepared to do. In the end I 'binned' Ghost and got Acronis. Found them to be excellent for email response.

  Danoh 23:49 01 Feb 2005

I've had some bad experiences with Norton system works but none with Norton Internet Security or Anti Virus of various releases over the years. But the uninstall process is definitely not as consumer friendly as for standard application (as opposed to utility) programs.

  fourjays 20:56 10 Feb 2005

My only hate for Nortons was that it was too damn slow (scanning, and background scanning made everything slow)!

Glad to hear u got it working though. ;)

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