Norton Fanboy whole thing.

  Jimmy14 18:43 25 Feb 2007

I would like to apologize to anyone who has been annoyed or fed up with my posts on Norton threads. I can't explain my possible "obsession" with Norton. I felt the need to defend it on several occassions. I don't even work for Symantec so have no reason to defend everything they do. It has stopped from here onwards. I know I got carried away and I can't do anything else but apologize. There are a few points I would like to clear up also,

Norton does use alot of processes on a computer and does slow it down even if it's a tiny bit or large in some computer cases,

It shows that anyone will have issues uninstalling a norton product if Symantec published a removal tool which is wrong and shouldn't happen in the first place,

AVG Anti-virus Free Edition is a perfectly adequate free anti-virus. I used it for a year and had no problems in 2004. Excellent for £0.

Avast Anti-virus Free Edition is also a very good free program that anyone not wishing to spend money should consider.

If you like Symantecs products then keep them, If you prefer AVG or any other free program and it suits you then keep that. No more will I criticise your choice.

Once again I am genuinely sorry to anyone I annoyed and I feel bad for going too far sometimes. Please accept it and this is the end,


  PaulB2005 18:52 25 Feb 2007

Sorry if anyone upset you.

I felt i did detect a bit of "Fanboy-ism" in your postings, but i'm sure no-one really meant any offense.

Hope you can look back at all this and laugh and help out. Perhaps if someone has a problem with a Norton product you will be the person to help them?

  Kate B 18:58 25 Feb 2007

Very nice post, Jimmy - good on you! You've been amusing rather than offensive. Come in and talk about other stuff - it's quite nice here, honest. And Paul's made an excellent point - it will be great to have a Norton expert around.

  [email protected] 19:01 25 Feb 2007

i think somebody may have stolen jimmy14's computer

  Pine Man 19:26 25 Feb 2007

Nobody would criticise you for supporting a product and giving good advice on it.

What is really irritating is when someone asks for help with a product like Norton and instead of advice the 'usuals' come out of the woodwork and slag it off!

Keep up the good work jimmy14.

  [email protected] 19:34 25 Feb 2007

very true, you have just paid for a product and simply need advice, and somebody jumps in telling you to get rid of it, it is completely out of order because it's not solving the problem, its creating another.
i ignored jimmy's advise once, to my cost

  Zero G 19:37 25 Feb 2007

I'm not anti-norton, i just dont use it as i feel it hogs pc resources.
That said it must be right for a large % of users as it is one of the market leaders in anti-virus software.
And Jimmy14 it's as already been said good to have a user of it on the forum.

  ed-0 19:53 25 Feb 2007

You had or have ( don't know which is right ) your point of view and you have stuck with it. Thats fine Jimmy and I think most respect you for sticking with it, I do.

There are many millions of users, worldwide, that use norton products. A lot of them stick with norton because they trust the protection, otherwise norton would go bust.

I know in the odd post we have had a discussion on the products and you have put over your point of view. I have never seen anything you need to apologise for. sometimes your posts can be ( take this in a friendly spirit ) amusing.;-)

Anyway it's big of you to come on here and to apologise if YOU think you have upset some.

Just keep on posting, as said above, we need people with your experience.

  SANTOS7 20:18 25 Feb 2007

Jimmy14, ya get my vote, takes something special to do what you have done, What you can do is use your knowledge of Norton to help others, however small or large the issue is i am sure you could point people in the right direction. "top bloke"

  anskyber 20:31 25 Feb 2007

From time to time we can all get a bee in our bonnet about one thing or another. Sometimes all it does is create personal anxiety.

I have read some of your posts where you have helped others and you clearly have a contribution to make. So well done I say; it would have been easier for you to have just kept quiet and stopped maybe unnoticed by others but instead you have chosen this route. Your approach in this thread was not needed but it certainly deserves respect.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 21:14 25 Feb 2007

It must have taken a lot of courage to post this and it seems very sincere to me. I hope you will stick around the forum because you no doubt have a lot to offer it.
Good on you.

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