Northern Rock Employees get £2000 each

  jakimo 18:48 22 Jan 2009

managers & directors get even more,but should they be getting this money,after all they are just doing thier job which they would not have in the first place if it were not for the tax payer coming to the rescue. And it can`t be going down to well with the Northern Rock customers who have had their mortgages foreclosed on them and nowhere to live

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:49 22 Jan 2009

This just gets better and better.


  newman35 19:27 22 Jan 2009

It beggars belief.

  realist 19:36 22 Jan 2009

luvverly jubbly.

  hssutton 19:53 22 Jan 2009

Sounds about right, especially when you get this report.

Repossessions double in a year as a family loses their home every seven minutes
The number of home repossessions has almost doubled in a year, with one family losing their house every seven minutes.

  AL47 19:58 22 Jan 2009


tax payers save thier jobs, a bonus is a bonus, should only be paid if a company does well, being saved by taxpayers? good? hmmm....

couldve paid back some of our money!

  tullie 20:04 22 Jan 2009

Would i refuse it?,no

  Quickbeam 21:57 22 Jan 2009

What cut do us that paid for their bonus get...?

  newman35 22:17 22 Jan 2009
  anskyber 22:49 22 Jan 2009

the money has been payed back. I read the gloom ridden threads about the disaster which would befall our sceptred isle when NR was bailed out.

Looks like it has worked and if graft helped us out of the stew then I say its money well spent.

  Forum Editor 23:07 22 Jan 2009

"Looks like it has worked and if graft helped us out of the stew then I say its money well spent."

Thank you for a ray of common-sense amongst all the mouth-foaming 'outraged of Tunbridge Wells' comments.

Northern Rock has repaid more than £15 billion of its loan at a faster rate than expected, and will be active in lending more to mortgage borrowers in the coming year. It looks to me as though the new management and staff have done pretty well so far with what cannot have been a pleasant task. A year ago they were told they would get a bonus if they managed to repay loan money faster than scheduled, and they've done it. They are entitled to the money, and as you say, we should be pleased that a big chunk of taxpayers' money has come back so rapidly.

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