Northern people are friendlier than southerners.

  spikeychris 21:54 04 Nov 2006

So there.

A major part of my job is meeting people – I do this each day. Quite a few are from the south and 99% of them tell me this. Why are you southern folk so miserable then?

They tell me people don’t talk to each other at bus stops and they don’t know their neighbours, they are genuinely shocked when they come up north, people talk and say hello

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:59 04 Nov 2006

I have always lived in Somerset but go to visit family in Manchester from time to time. Recently I went to Yorkshire for the Three Peaks Cyclocross. I agree with the title of the thread.

  woodchip 22:14 04 Nov 2006

Fully agree, I am in South Yorkshire. I remember working in Lewisham Think that's how it spelled, Anyway I went out of the house one morning at the front footpath and said good morning to a Passer by. I may as well have been the invisible man. I asked why they do not speak, And was told that they think you are trying to sell em something......!!!!!

  Kate B 22:22 04 Nov 2006

What a sweeping and stupid generalisation. I live in London and have never felt it unfriendly - I suspect one's perception of "friendliness" depends on how you are and how you interact with people. If you insist on blocking the escalator on the Tube at rush hour at King's Cross, then yeah, you're not going to get a particularly friendly reception. But on the other hand if you make an effort and don't automatically assume that someone is going to brush you off, then you'll probably get a friendly response. The pub I and my mates hang out in is in a pretty touristy part of London and we often find ourselves chatting to visitors in there.

  ed-0 22:41 04 Nov 2006

Exactly, they will just talk to you when they are half cut.;-)

Up north we will stop and have a conversation with anyone. Stand in any queue and you can strike up a conversation on any matter. :-)

Evening woodchip, been on another holiday?

  spikeychris 22:44 04 Nov 2006

A provocative stimulus does have a propensity to behave this way. Top tip: Don’t type and eat jellied eels at the same time – it could get messy.

  hijo 22:46 04 Nov 2006

oooooo i respect your guts for postn this "spikeychris"..loooooooool i knew "kate B" would have something to say to this as allways,i do agre with her on one aspect "depends on how you are and how you interact with people" this is kinda true,ive worked in most cities in the uk & found that yorkshire/lancashire people where much more freindly.make no misstake there the only thing with places like Hull ect is theres loadsa CHAVS...londoners no way jose i found them quite ignorant as in goto a shop its "yeah" or next..? not "morning or hiya"....but this is just my opinion ok..

  Vangeliska 22:47 04 Nov 2006

It's not the end of the world

  ed-0 22:48 04 Nov 2006

You swallowed a dictionary?

Could you translate that, please, for us slightly less informed [ was gona put ignorant but that just applies to me :-)] mortals.

  Kate B 22:48 04 Nov 2006

I just don't think sweeping generalisations are either helpful or even particularly intelligent. As I say, if you behave in a decent and friendly way to people you're likely to get a similar response. If however you come down from Yorkshire or wherever defensive and expecting hostility it should come as no surprise to you if that's the attitude you receive in return.

  Kate B 22:51 04 Nov 2006

Also, it helps to understand what's acceptable in one place may be less so in another. It might well be the norm in darkest Scunthorpe or wherever to greet everyone you meet but it's not in London, so by definition you're acting in a way that someone doesn't expect and it's going to make them respond in possibly an unfriendly manner. It's not inherently unfriendly - it's just what's acceptable and expected behaviour. I expect that even in Scunthorpe you'd get a hostile response if you hugged everyone you met. It's just a matter of degree.

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