Northern Lights

  961 20:11 05 Aug 2010

Intense sunspot activity recently may result in visible Northern Lights tonight (Thursday) if skies are clear

  sunnystaines 20:29 05 Aug 2010

looked last night saw nothing will try tonight are you sure its tonight?

  peter99co 20:36 05 Aug 2010

Only in the northern latitudes I think.

  ronalddonald 20:37 05 Aug 2010

Arent they moving south so they should be called southern lights

  tullie 20:40 05 Aug 2010

There you go ronald click here

  sunnystaines 21:46 05 Aug 2010

good link thanks

  sunnystaines 07:27 06 Aug 2010

no joy last night either.

  SimpleSimon1 08:21 06 Aug 2010

A lot of the time, you wouldn't see them anyway cos of light pollution.

Contrary to what a lot of people seem to think, they're not always the incredible light shows that we see in photos. Quite often, they are simply pearly, opalescent blobs and clouds that suddenly move from one side of the sky to another - dead easy to spot in the wilds of Northern Sweden but would be totally lost against the 'subtlety' which is Reading, at night :-)

  Legolas 19:47 08 Aug 2010

Absolutely right. Most of us have forgotten what a dark starlit night is like. I remember as a child on holiday in the north of Scotland and for the first time seeing the thousands of stars that peppered the night sky, a magical moment that almost fifty years later I still remember.

  bri-an 20:03 08 Aug 2010

Galloway Forest in SW Scotland got 'The Dark Sky Park' award last year and it's night skies are brilliant.
Difficult to imagine, now, what it was like living in an urban connurbation with all the light pollution.

  morddwyd 20:54 08 Aug 2010

One of my better memories of the Falklands was being in absolutely Stygian darkness (no light pollution down there), no moon, and studying the night sky.

Like being on the bridge of the Enterprise.

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