Northern Ireland Compensation

  ulrich 19:50 23 Jan 2009

Who are these people that say the family of someone who blows himself up whilst planting a bomb should receive £12000 compensation, certainly the people whose family was killed by terrorist action, but no not the families of the terrorists.

  Al94 19:58 23 Jan 2009

Your post is a bit cryptic but this is what you are referring to click here

  Al94 20:02 23 Jan 2009

Personally I think this is total madness and that Lord Eames and his cohorts have taken leave of their senses. I understand the thought process, ie - treating all victims as equal in a bid to bring some closure to the past - however memories are still raw and I think a likely outcome, should these proposals proceed, is that the terrorists families will grab the cash and the victims families will reject the offer on a point of principal.

  laurie53 20:45 23 Jan 2009

This is clearly based on racist grounds.

There is no mention of compensation for Islamic suicide bombers, such as the ones killed in the London and Glasgow airport bombings.

If we're going make ourselves the laughing stock of the world, let's at least do it properly.

  al's left peg 21:32 23 Jan 2009

It said:

"You don't have to be mad to live here, but...."

Enough said.

  WhiteTruckMan 22:55 23 Jan 2009

if sinn fein were to match it, pound for pound.

-All pigs fed and ready to fly!


  Forum Editor 23:14 23 Jan 2009

and it will be interesting to see what the government decides to do about it.

  ulrich 23:20 23 Jan 2009

If they have any sense. Oh dear.

  Quickbeam 23:57 23 Jan 2009

I'm glad I know you're being ironic.

You are aren't you...?

  Proclaimer 15:04 24 Jan 2009

a member of any of the Terrorist Groups that did not qualify for apayou that was intended as a 'Victim Only Payment'. So perhaps their (Lord Eames, and Denis Bradley) logic is based around that.

  Proclaimer 15:05 24 Jan 2009

not 'apayou '

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