Northern Ireland

  donki 10:12 10 Mar 2009

A question I have always wanted to know is what other UK citizens think about Northern Ireland and also its place within the UK. In the past did you see NI as a country with problems the UK could really do without? Would you have been happy to see Ireland unitied and with that an end to the problems that cost so many lives. What about now that PSNI officers and british soldiers are once agian top targets for dissident Republicans, are the British Army streched enough abroad to deal with the problems on thier doorstep?

Just curious really as to what the general consensus is, I personally was born in Northern Ireland and am proud to be both Northern Irish and part of the UK. I am devistated that these attacks have started again and just hope that they can be stopped as soon as possible.

  Picklefactory 11:02 10 Mar 2009

I'm born in England with Irish family (Eire, though) and my opinion is that we (Britain) contributed hugely to this issue arising in the first place, the buck should stop with us to see it through.
It's made all the more difficult when you have the like of the nutters still desperate to kill people. Like many other terrorist groups, there is a serious element who just use the original reasons as an excuse for their own criminal and psychotic urges.
It has improved hugely in recent years, here's hoping that this is just a blip that gets quickly stamped out, and the inroads to a peaceful NI continues.

  bremner 11:16 10 Mar 2009

What I think sat in the home counties does not matter. It is for the people of NI to determine whether they want to be part of the UK and a huge majority clearly do.

We can not undo history and our sorry part in Ireland but we must deal firmly with these murdering criminals. Life must mean life.

  Picklefactory 11:47 10 Mar 2009

"I am devistated that these attacks have started again and just hope that they can be stopped as soon as possible."

I very much doubt that there would be a right thinking individual either here or in NI or indeed the Republic that doesn't echo that view. It only takes a few nutters to open up a can of worms. I would hope that with the massive improvement in life in the North due to the long peace now, that even those who in the past gave support to these twisted people, can now see the benefits of a peaceful route to resolving the outstanding issues, and would no longer support them. If they can be isolated from public support, it will all the more difficult for them to attempt any sort of rational justification that even the hardest supporters could support.

  newman35 11:56 10 Mar 2009

It will be a test of people's attitudes, if those who know about these terrorists will now assist the authorities in finding and dealing with them, then peace may finally come to NI.
If they are still sheltered and protected, then I fear the worst.

  sunnystaines 12:15 10 Mar 2009

perhaps if things escalate out of control another vote by the residents as to whether they stay or join eire. But with the south about to go bust and the north doing so well cannot see many voting to go south.

I feel sorry the residents of the north who must now be full of worry as to the future. I hope behind the scenes people are spoken too and things settle down.

  donki 12:18 10 Mar 2009

Its good to see folk on the mainland echoing what many people here think and that you are happy and willing to see the process through.

The problem is sectarianism is still very much present in small areas throughout NI, many of the major towns and cities have there own nationalist and loyalist estates where trouble flares up on a regular basis. It has been over 10 years since a police officer or soldier has been murdered and I fear the worst. Not only the threat of more Republican attacts but also now the near inevitable retaliation that will come from Loyalists.

You are both right that it is the public who need to come forward with information and help catch the people involved.

  Picklefactory 12:23 10 Mar 2009

I personally doubt there will be any hysteria or panic from the people of NI. They have suffered so much of this over the years and I would imagine have become accustomed to it to some degree, that they will be hoping for the same as us, that it is stamped out quickly and quietly.
The real worry is whether any twisted nutters on the Nationalist side take the bait and respond in kind, and also whether the leaders of ALL political parties GENUINELY wish to have these people brought to justice. There are people in power there who I would imagine still have some serious paramilitary clout, and if they decide to keep the peace, then maybe there is hope that these mongrels will not succeed in their attempt to derail things.

  egapup 12:37 10 Mar 2009

Lets just hope the bombings dont start again, I feel like i've just stepped out of a time machine.

  donki 13:18 10 Mar 2009

The RIRA have tried on numerous occasions over the past number of months to plant exspolive devices but thankfully all of which have failed.

  Chegs ®™ 13:30 10 Mar 2009

These murderers are utter scum,the troubles in ireland have been going so long I cant recall what the problem was and likely these scum have no real idea of why they shot innocent people.If its publicity they seek,then resume the reporting restrictions of times past & deny them their 5 minutes of infamy.

(I could simply go & google to find out what its over,but I wont)

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