"Non to Le Clem"

  Seth Haniel 10:17 03 Sep 2008

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AN ELEVENTH HOUR legal bid has been launched to stop the controversial French aircraft carrier Clemenceau being scrapped in Hartlepool.
The Mail can reveal that lawyers have lodged papers at the High Court in London in an attempt to stop the massive ship coming to town.

  Pesala 12:53 03 Sep 2008

It will provide work for many at a time of recession. The industry s strictly regulated. If anyone can scrap this ship safely, British workers can.

  Seth Haniel 13:10 03 Sep 2008

so you're willing to have 700 tons of asbestos burried in your back garden!


  Forum Editor 18:36 03 Sep 2008

that this will not, as one of the campaigners has said, be "the start of a twilight toxic nightmare for the rest of our lives."

The asbestos will be disposed of under very strict supervision by people who have been specially trained to do the job. It is not buried in anyone's back garden, but is rendered completely harmless in any one of a number of ways - either by turning it into silicate glass, or by making it into ceramic bricks and tiles.

As usual, we have a few people imagining the worst, and getting a lot of publicity.

  Seth Haniel 19:48 03 Sep 2008

No the Indians refused it.... and 700 hundred tons will take a lot of burying as it does not compact - there was an estimate something like a football pitch the hieght of a couple of double decker buses -
"I know that many people in Hartlepool are proud of their ability to do this work safely."
well you know better than the people of hartlepool as their concerns are it will all be out of the region workers involved

This will join the four 'Ghost' ships already here with their tanks full of waste oil and asbestos cladding -you can actually look up the ships and see the quantities of oil etc on each -

Forum Editor - i have a back yard so they are not burying it there - it is a figure of speach used quite a lot when things are dumped upon the inhabitants of local areas :)

  anskyber 19:58 03 Sep 2008

Can you explain where, exactly, Able UK intend to dispose of the waste? Much depends on this information it seems to me.

It is not clear from your posts or the HM report.

  laurie53 19:59 03 Sep 2008

I get very suspicious when I'm told something is so safe.

If it's so safe why aren't the French doing it themselves?

If there's no danger from decommissioned nuclear subs why aren't they being stored on the Thames, instead of the Forth?

Why aren't the Americans, not world renowned for their environmental and safety concerns, scrapping their own ghost ships?

At least let's be honest about this - it's being done "oop north" because that's where all the dirty jobs go.

Just for the record - born and bred at the bottom end of the Severn.

  Seth Haniel 20:05 03 Sep 2008

rumour has it that the old saltmines at Greatham (Cerebos) may be used for some of this.

  anskyber 20:27 03 Sep 2008


Not exactly a reason to get excited is it?

Look, as you know, I spent 11 years in Hartlepool and my work brought me into contact with some, including the principal, of Able UK. I do not wish to underplay the real risks of such an enterprise of stripping a ship but there does need to be a balance.

The H and SE may well lose the court case or perhaps not, we shall see. Either way the case does not have any relevance to the proper treatment and disposal of asbestos. It's a legal point about how they exercised their judgement about the license.

In my view the headlines about high mortality in Hartlepool through cancer has more to do with lifestyle choices than local environmental issues and is regarded as true across much of the north east cancer hot spots.

  Seth Haniel 08:23 04 Sep 2008

OK - Able UK's landfill licence for Seaton Meadows (CLE 403)which is abover the old salt mines of the Cerebos.
I'm on a works computer and can't access all the facts all the time because of its restrictions.

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