Non-computer related topics in Consumerwatch

  Kate B 15:58 18 Jan 2007

I don't have a problem with the odd thread about suitcases and insurance in Consumerwatch, but how does everyone else feel? We've seen quite a few over the past several days.

  Carafaraday 16:09 18 Jan 2007

Kate B - as a guilty party (suitcases), you will note that I have already apologised on my original thread if I offended anyone by asking a question 'off topic'. In fact, the Forum Editor was kind enough to reply to my plea for advice, so presumably he thought it was acceptable....

  SB23 16:09 18 Jan 2007

Can't say that it bothers me.

Besides it does say "Need some advice about what to buy and where to buy it?", it doesn't have to relate to pc's etc does it?

  Kate B 16:10 18 Jan 2007

Carafaraday, I'm not seeking an apology nor having a go - I think it's fine, I just wondered what everyone else thinks.

  microcoder 16:12 18 Jan 2007

Is it ok if I enquire about the best deals in laptop cases?

  GaT7 16:12 18 Jan 2007

To be fair the Consumerwatch forum doesn't state it has to be computer-related:

"Need some advice about what to buy and where to buy it? Not sure which supplier to use? Maybe your supplier treated you badly, or maybe you received excellent service. Perhaps you're not sure about current consumer legislation. Whether you want to air a complaint or hand out praise, share your experience with us all, here in Consumerwatch."

I think it did state this in the past though, didn't it? The FE will know. G

  ed-0 16:16 18 Jan 2007

It's fine by me. Consumerwatch carries a varied field of products, just like the magazine.

We occasionally get requests for help for mobile phones, dvd recorders and such like in the helproom. Not totally computer orientated but most don't mind. It's rare to see the FE pull the plug on one.

ps how did you get on with the removal of the vista boot loader, you didn't reply.

  Kate B 16:19 18 Jan 2007

ed-0, thanks for asking, actually, I didn't manage to remove it. I don't think I got to the end of the process, I'll search out the thread and have a further look.

  Pamy 16:45 18 Jan 2007

For me its a computer forum ( I do not bother what forum heading it is put in) so I expect most problems to be computer related but, If someone wants advise etc. on any subject then if I can help them then I am not bothered in which forum they ask, the FE will put it where he wants it. Life is too short.

  Zero G 17:26 18 Jan 2007

It does however seem a few complaints at the moment from the a certain group of users on this forum about what & what cant be posted in threads, may be it's time for the FE to decide.

After all it depends on what you see as Consumerwatch, the fact this is a pc mag forum does not mean it is limited just to Computer/IT related issues, this again is something that may be the FE needs to look at.

  Pamy 17:29 18 Jan 2007

The FE will decide what can and cannot be posted in any forum, I think

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