Non Alcoholic Lager

  babybell 10:51 13 Oct 2010

I've recently switched to having a 6 pack of non-alcoholic lagers in the fridge so that if during the week I feel like a treat but don't want a fuzzy head in the morning, then I have a couple of bottles and its actually just as relaxing and enjoyable I feel.

I've just been discussing this with my boss and asked him how the powers that be would react if we took to drinking the stuff at work?

TECHNICALLY, we would not be breaking any rules, its no different to have a can of coke on your desk, but it did make me picture the reaction of our MD when he walks in the office to see us all sipping on a bottle of Becks Blue for example.

Wish I had the bottle (pun intended) to try it for real. I think I'd have good grounds for unfair dismissal if it went terribly wrong.

  Quickbeam 10:53 13 Oct 2010

Mention that to the average Saturday night reveller, and they'll say, 'What's the point of that then!'

  Blackhat 11:07 13 Oct 2010

As an employer I would not allow it in either of my factories or offices.

It’s not the alcohol (or lack of) that is the issue, it’s the image. Unless you are familiar with the product it will look at first as though it is beer being drunk on the premises.
I do get unexpected visitors so would never allow this to be seen.
Just imagine if you were in your car stationary at traffic lights and a police car pulls along side, then you take a drink from a beer bottle, do you think pc plod would know it was non alcohol?

  interzone55 12:05 13 Oct 2010

I really don't see the point of non-alcholic beers, or decaffeinated coffe either.

If I want a drink in the evening and don't want a "fuzzy head" in the morning I stick to a single real beer or drink Vimto instead...

  Quickbeam 12:23 13 Oct 2010

Just so long as you steer clear of Cheeky Vimto, that'll give you the mother of all hangovers...

  babybell 12:37 13 Oct 2010

I like non alcoholic lager if I'm going to a BBQ but I'm driving.

I also like the new C2 from Carling at 2%, tastes just like the normal 4.5% stuff

  Bingalau 12:45 13 Oct 2010

I always found that non alcoholic lager gave me a headache the next day anyway.. So I stopped drinking it. Now if I am driving I stick to a soft drink such as a J2O which are in a variety of flavours. More expensive than real ale, but that's the way of everything these days isn't it.

  spuds 12:45 13 Oct 2010

Perhaps like Blackhat as suggested, it is the image that can give all the wrong signs to customers and perhaps other staff.

I was in an office the other week seeking advice, when one of the staff cleared part of their desk and set-out a food stall, as it was their lunch break. Didn't give a very good impression at all, and possibly more so if an indication of a beer bottle was present.

But then again, perhaps I am an old fuddy-duddy who thinks that work should be in a working environment, and other activities (like personal use mobile phones and computers) should be in a different place.

Is Kalibar still around, the forerunner of non-alc?.

  babybell 12:53 13 Oct 2010

I believe it is, but recently there has been new developments in the non-alcoholic market. Becks Blue tastes just like full-strength lager, its quite uncanny.

My favourite story on Kaliber is than when it was first invented, you could buy it on draft, but what they didn't realise is that because it wasn't very popular, it would stay in the barrel for days on end and eventually it would start to ferment and become alcoholic.

You can just image people driving home sloshed "its ok officer, I've been on the Kaliber, hic!"

  red1977 14:39 13 Oct 2010

"I also like the new C2 from Carling at 2%, tastes just like the normal 4.5% stuff"
that says more about Carling than anything else TBF

  onthelimit 15:02 13 Oct 2010

Think I'll stick to Shropshire's best ale - Station Bitter, brewed by a Kiwi (well, at least he's not an Aussie).

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