No wonder PCs get slagged down

  dwaynedibbly 21:17 24 May 2009

My wife would probably tell you I`ve been a part time geek for the past ten years or so when it comes to everything PC orientated.

Now don`t get me wrong, I like PCs and the potential for what they can do in the right hands.

The problem seems to be nowadays, put a new OS or piece of software onto a PC, and unless its been specifically designed for that particular PC and all its driver for this, and driver for that gubbins. It isn`t going to work "straight out of the box." Or in this case once its been back in the box for a while.

Admittedly over the past year or so, when it comes to PC gaming, I`ve let the cobwebs take over and turned to my PS3.

I`ve recently gone back to my PC, which is only 3yrs old, and thought, ooohhh! "Dawn of War" (among others) not played that for a while. Lets give it a go again.
Put the disc in the drive, and knack all happens.
It wont even boot through the explorer menu.

Granted I may have changed (slightly) the configuration of the PC since I last played this particular disc. But nothing major such as a hardware change. The same response with a couple of other titles.
Gone are the days when I could be bothered to even try and figure out why this may be.

I must have wasted a third of my life trying to figure out problems with my PC.

Back to my PS3 for gaming then. Put a disc in several months after last being played and hey presto, it plays.

I`ll never get rid of my PC, but then I`ll never waste another minute of my life trying too figure out why it wont do what it says on the tin.

  rdave13 22:38 24 May 2009

"I must have wasted a third of my life trying to figure out problems with my PC"
Blooming 'eck, not much luck there.
Try another supplier of PCs until you get a good 'un.

  dagnammit 23:16 24 May 2009

I hate trying to diagnose PCs and nowadays anyone asks if I know anything about them I say "No, not really".....

I don't even have time for our own machines with the wretched Vista on them.

  laurie53 07:53 25 May 2009

Let's be honest, you are using the PC for something it wasn't primarily designed for (I'm not talking about your computer specifically, but the computer in general)

As you have discovered, a device dedicated to one purpose, gaming, will always perform better than a device which was primarily designed to carry out mundane tasks quickly and reliably, e.g. calculations, database searches, but which has been adapted to do other things, e.g. internet use, word processing.

  Colin 09:30 25 May 2009

I'm sure I'm not the only one, but I have hardly any problems with PC's. I build my own, (now on my 5th), and it just works. I tinker and fiddle with them like mad but have never had any serious problem that I can remember. I use it for games, internet, photo editing etc. I think I am fortunate because I am the only user of it. When my son was at home, there was always something going wrong with them. He would download a lot of crap, part install it, uninstall it etc. However, it did teach me how to sort problems with it!

  Armchair 09:55 25 May 2009

SOmetimes I'll install a game, play it a bit, then forget about it. problem is, when I try to play it again, maybe a year up the line, it won't run. Even though my hardware and OS is unchanged.

That's happened a few times. Occasionally (eg Risk II, one ofmy favourite games), even re-installing it doesn't do the trick, and the game is effectively lost for good.

Why does this happen?

  peter99co 11:13 25 May 2009

We used to have a computer program which received a birthday card from the suppliers which you had to click on.If you did not return a thank you mail it used to shut down a short while later. The recd mail used to update a key in the program and would expire if you did not connect annually to the original site.

  egapup 11:21 25 May 2009

I'll never buy another manufactured PC, havent since my Tiny with a 233 pentium 2, always build my own, lots more fun.

  Si_L 11:40 25 May 2009

My PC is being run into the ground, the case is falling apart and its got so noisy despite my attempts to quieten it down. The next PC I have will be a home build, with an emphasis on being quiet!

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