No Tamiflu?

  ened 07:01 18 Jul 2009

My niece has the symptoms of Swine flu and called the doctor who refused to prescribe Tamiflu.

He said that if her temperature is not down by Monday to call back.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought the advice was that if you had this illness someone could go and collect the stuff for you and that everybody who needed it would get it.

Maybe there is a shortage now?

  wiz-king 07:08 18 Jul 2009

There is a risk involved in giving everybody Tamiflu or any of its variants, the risk is creating a flu bug that is resistant. I presume he thinks that your niece is at low risk from complications ie fit and healthy.

  ened 07:17 18 Jul 2009

I have just seen on the telly that thay have changed the advice and are no longer giving it to people who have no underlying health problems.

So this thread is closed.

  wiz-king 09:47 18 Jul 2009

Another potential problem is if Tamiflu is given early the person may not develop a natural immunity to the bug and get another dose later in the year when they are more likely to suffer more.

  interzone55 13:47 18 Jul 2009

From previous experience of a similar anti-viral drug, the side effects are not pleasant, I suffered quite bad bouts of vomiting.

Many of the people given it in the early days of swine flu didn't take it after seeing the effects on family and friends...

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