No sex - the secret of a long life.

  GRIDD 11:04 10 Oct 2008

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BRITAIN'S oldest virgin who celebrates her 105th birthday this weekend says no sex is the secret to her long life.

  Forum Editor 11:09 10 Oct 2008

in powered hang gliding either,and perhaps that's the secret to a long life, or abstaining from chewing tobacco, or riding horses on Tuesday. How could she (or anyone) possibly know?

  peter99co 11:15 10 Oct 2008

It must be true because it was reported in the Sun

  Shortstop 11:48 10 Oct 2008

Maybe it just SEEMS like a long life .......



  Seth Haniel 11:54 10 Oct 2008

about 87 wasted years ;)

  Grey Goo 12:24 10 Oct 2008

Never too late to start, however a wise man once said,"Girls under 16 are protected by law and Girls over 65 are protected by nature"

  Cymro. 12:32 10 Oct 2008

I remember reading somewhere that Roman Catholic Nuns live on average longer than other women. This was thought to be due to the connection between a mans sperm causing cancer.

On the other hand it was said that Roman Catholic Priests lived shorter lives than other man. This was attributed to the fact that sexual intercourse causes the mans heard to beat very fast and so was a good form of exercise that the Priests never had.

  Covergirl 12:53 10 Oct 2008

. . . . that they don't smoke tobacco, drink alcohol, womanise or gamble.

The don't live any longer - it just seems like it !


(slight embellishment on shortstops contribution.)

  wids001 13:36 10 Oct 2008

If that is true then I'm gonna die young!

  nangadef 14:41 10 Oct 2008

or even 'propter'

  GRIDD 15:13 10 Oct 2008

Rather than the lack of sex I would perhaps take it as less stress.

No other half to keep happy, no children... and of course no financial demands that a family entails.

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