charmingman 12:02 06 Jun 2007

Having just applied for around 15 jobs (3 weeks ago)some via letter some via email I find it rather ignorant that I haven’t even had a call or letter or any kind of response from some of them,

i am sufficiently qualified to do the job ive applied for so i think out of respect & professionalism it would be nice to receive some kind of acknowledgement

this has happened before to me but some years ago & it didnt bother me so much am i getting older..??

is this just me or has anyone else experienced the same

  lisa02 12:08 06 Jun 2007

Got used to it.

As a matter of fact I prefer the silence than to read a rejection letter.

The job I'm in now took about 6 weeks, after the advertised closing date to apply, to get back to me.

  Bingalau 12:12 06 Jun 2007

charmingman. Did you send a SAE for a reply?

  Kate B 12:32 06 Jun 2007

Sorry to hear that, charmingman, but I'm afraid it's rare to get a thanks-but-no-thanks for a lot of jobs these days. What sort of work are you looking for? And what are you doing to ensure that your CV stands out from the rest?

  DrScott 12:42 06 Jun 2007

In medicine it has always been thus. Only after an interview would you find out if you'd been accepted or rejected. Except for recently where we're having to rely on a free forum to find out if jobs have been offered at all some 3 months after the first round of interviews.

  Si_l 15:14 06 Jun 2007

I agree with charmingman - silence is worse, I like to have either a firm yes or no so I can make decisions.

  Managing ed 15:20 06 Jun 2007

It's plain rude not to let someone know their application was unsuccessful. Everybody who is recruiting has, at some stage, applied for a job, so they should realise what a positive difference a little courtesy and communication can make in reducing stress.

Personal bugbear of mine...

  Guardianangel 15:49 06 Jun 2007

Mine too. In this age of super-communication there is very little actual communication and a marked lack of good manners.

  [email protected] 16:22 06 Jun 2007

"Get A Life"

stop always replying a negativeness to other members post's will you..!!!

  lisa02 16:25 06 Jun 2007

fourm member

It's just an Internet Forum but I am sorry if my English is not up to your standards.

  Jim Thing 17:01 06 Jun 2007

Sadly this lack of consideration is nothing new.

I was job-hunting in 1971, having just returned to UK after some years overseas. I'd applied for several advertised jobs and was becoming increasingly annoyed at the number of firms who couldn't be bothered to respond. That's just bad manners.

However, please don't be tempted to do what I did, namely chuck Teddy out of the pram and write an ill-tempered letter to the most recent offender.

That letter did produce a response — from the firm's managing director no less. I still have his note. It says: "Sir. We have not yet compiled our shortlist of those we wish to interview for this position. Be assured that your name will not be on it."

Oops! — but at least it was an acknowledgement...

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