No more XP for me

  ex-wirecutter 13:50 15 May 2008

I have finally got Ubuntu to do all I want on a computer, so its bye bye Microsoft for me.
It was not easy,some of the commands are weird , its like learning a new language . I understand this is why viruses are virtually non existent in Linux.
So off I surf , secure in the knowledge I am bullet proof.. or am I ? We'll see.

  donki 13:59 15 May 2008

Been using XP and only ever have i got a virus from my own stupidity, i.e. opening emails I shouldn't have.

  Cymro. 16:07 15 May 2008

Much like you I will stick with XP. My Avast has never actually found anything so I sometimes wonder if it even works, or are there actually as many viruses out there as we are led to believe?

  Cymro. 16:08 15 May 2008

For led read lead

  ex-wirecutter 16:21 15 May 2008

Thanks for your comments , it was having problems with SP3 that got me to try Ubuntu . I wonder who writes viruses anyway , and what pleasure they get out of their hard work ? It's not as if they see the results , unless it's a worldwide disaster virus.

  donki 16:53 15 May 2008

Id have to agree with you, like i said I have opened i think 2 emails and got a virus each time. But i shouldnt have opened them in the first place. Its the usual fear mongering media that loves to hype up virus's. Id say a large percentage of people that use file sharing programs and torrents are the ones that end up with a virus riddled PC.

I havent downloaded SP3 yet, unless i have down it automatically. My XP runs like a dream and the thought of backing up all my media and game files actually makes me yawn! So no new operating system for me untill the new windows.... and i dont mean Vista.

  Teaboy 17:57 17 May 2008

Cymro---Actually led is correct.

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