No more PC games

  gartoy 22:36 15 Oct 2009

Over the past few years I've seen the PC game sections at my local Asda & Tesco shrink, about 6 mths ago there were none at Asda, I asked the lady anyway but knew what the reply would be, its all PS3 Wii & DS.

Same goes for Tesco, last weekend I did my usual scout along the games ailse when doing the shopping & the last remaining 2 foot of aisle where the PC games used to be had gone.

Just goes to show how popular consoles are. I tend to wait a few mths after a new game I've had my eye on has been released, usually until the 1st patch is issued, also handy to see how high the online multiplayer popularity is, read some buyer reviews & of course for the price to drop a bit. So the supermarket is where the majority of my PC game purchases have been made.

Not anymore though. Oh well, it had to happen sooner or later, I think it was the Wii that made pc games in my local supermarkets extinct, it commands so much shelfspace.

  Kevscar1 08:48 16 Oct 2009

Haven't bought a game from a shop in the last 5yrs. Always or Amazon.

  donki 10:09 16 Oct 2009

I noticed this a good year or so ago. The PC games section everywhere on the high street has got smaller and smaller. Even in the Game, HMV stores the PC section has shrunk or been relocated to a darker colder corner somewhere.

I really dont think it is the end of PC game though, well I hope not anyway.

  wolfie3000 10:46 16 Oct 2009

I dont think it shows a decline in pc games, more the fact many gamers now buy there games online.

Pc games are alot cheaper when bought online and its alot easier to buy them.

  tein 11:07 16 Oct 2009

wolfie3000! I'm STRONGLY with you on this one! i buy ALL my pc games online! ive got gta5/Resident Evil5/Bioshock/NFS Shift/Grid/Ghostbusters And many more! & ive not bought one in the shops as there more expensive! people will go where the prices are lowest! its simple more so at this time in the economy!

Besides why would tey stop selling pc games.? pc's can be upgraded to have a much better game play/graphics & all around! where as Consoles are very limited to there "Factory Set" hardware! Pc's also are "KING" of multitakers! consoles are again limited!

  crosstrainer 11:19 16 Oct 2009

The PC game industry is alive and well. The main reason that the supermarkets have now stopped selling the computer versions of games is simple: Profit margin.

My nearest super sized Tesco and Asda stopped selling them quite a while back. Heavy discounting by Amazon and the like have made it uneconomic to do so.

Since I am temporarily unable to game on the PC, I purchased an Xbox 360 Elite system.....The games are available from Tesco and Asda etc. but are around the £40.00 mark. Downloading them via the xbox itself gives a hefty discount on the retail price. I always buy my PC games from an online retailer now....It's a no brainer really, and I can see the console stuff vanishing from supermarket shelves too. If there is no profit, they won't waste shelf space on it. Tesco have a large website with heavy discounts and deals on both console and PC gaming stuff so I guess It's simply another sign of the shift to Internet based, low cost retailing taking over now.

  mr simon 11:23 16 Oct 2009

It doesn't necessarily mean the demise of PC gaming, as lets not forget, there are many who won't get their games from shops but from P2P and torrents, which is not avaliable as readily to the console market.

  gartoy 01:38 17 Oct 2009

If the title to this thread led some forum members to believe I was implying our beloved PC games are going down the pan then I apologise because that was not my intention, I was merely making an observation about pc games & supermarkets.

I too shop online for games, both as downloads (mainly weekend deals from Steam) & hard copies (mainly from Play). But the supermarket is, to me, a boring place & it was nice to scoot up the games aisle to look at a few reasonably priced titles which were fairly new.

Download or hardcopy doesnt really bother me, however if, right now, I decided to order a game off Play, then buy the same game off Steam & begin the download, even with my fast cable broadband I could still nip down my local 24hr Tesco, get back home & have the game installed & be playing it before either of the other 2 methods provide me with a game to play. Some people like to buy a dvd, or a pot puorri thing to brighten up the weekly shop, well I used to enjoy buying pc games there.

Regarding dedicated games stores & the like, the last time I got a game from one of those was from a Virgin Megastore about 5 yrs ago, I think I had a gift voucher.

The console vs PC debate has raged on as far as I can remember & will continue, but IMO its comparing apples with oranges.

Pirate games of course are out there, they must be, just like pirate vhs videos & cassette tapes were, but I think the developers are getting on top of this. Most of my games now, both downloaded & hard copies, connect online before the game can be played. I know there are cracks & ways etc, but this requires knowledge I dont possess or want. Afterall its theft, there will always be criminals whether its stolen off the supermarket shelf or illegally downloaded.

Though it hurts to say it, having read the responses here & thought a little about things, is the demise of PC games in general not the logical conclusion? PC gaming may not actually be physically in decline, however the rate at which console games are growing is much faster, the availability speaks for itself. If the supermarket shelves are anything to go by, the market share of PC games is tiny, & of course is dwindling as consoles become ever more popular. As a games developer I would make what is going to sell the most, my big customers would ideally include supermarkets. Whether it is a litre of fuel or a bankloan, if we spend on it they want it in stock.

The games industry, as far as I'm aware, has surpassed the movie industry's profits for several years now. Console gaming must form the majority of those earnings. Consoles are where the money is therefore is pc gaming on its way out?

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