No more Mr Nice Guy

  Kevscar1 06:35 07 Nov 2012

For 2 years niw I have asked requested pleaded and even begged the Government to do something to find the un/mis diagnosed sufferers of my condition add to inform the whole of the medical proffession of it's exsistance and how seriuos it is. The DOH won't eve send out one e-mail to every Trust Hospital surgery and clinic in the land despite me offering to pay the cost of one person doing it. Now it's time to play hardball. I haven't read a newspaper in over 3 years so I need to know which is the most virulent anti- government out their because I have a story that#s going to make a lot of people angry.

  Forum Editor 12:53 23 Nov 2012

I can understand your sense of urgency Kevscar, but Please, no more along the lines of "have any of you been to the doctors and asked."

It's up to each person to decide whether or not they think it's appropriate to ask their doctor the questions you outlined. Let's leave it at that. I wish you every success with your efforts, but this isn't the place to start asking people to question their GP.

  Kevscar1 13:09 23 Nov 2012

last year you said you knew someone at the top of the NHS and were going to speak to them, did you get anywhere I do understand what you are saying but it's going to be to late asking if they get this, unless the correct treatments are started within 3 months of onset or like me are given two of the worst possible treatments then they have no hope of ever getting remission and I wouldn't want any on here to go through what I and many thousands of others have

  Forum Editor 13:21 23 Nov 2012

I did speak to the person in question, but she's on the administrative side of the NHS, and she said this was a matter for clinicians.

I really feel that your best course is to communicate with them, rather than trying to drum up interest on the internet. Medically qualified people are, in the end, going to make judgements about this, and they're the people you need to target.

Our forum isn't the place for that, and I must reluctantly ask you to make no further attempts to exhort people to question GPs, or to take any other kind of action. We have a very strict rule about that kind of thing, and if I make an exception in your case I will be in difficulties when the next person comes along with a deserving cause. Everyone thinks that their own campaign is a worthy one, and of course they all are, in their own way.

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