No More Jingles

  finerty 16:31 16 Aug 2012

No more Jingles

How could they get rid of Jingles, Jingles hlep you recognise hat station your listening to.

Now this policy by the BBC this stark bloody loony for the BBc to do this.

And no im not talking about Chritmas Jingles! Im talking about Radio Jingles

  Aitchbee 16:41 16 Aug 2012

The closest BBC Radio 4 gets to a 'jingle' is the hourly 'time-signal' or 'beeps'...except at 10am on sunday mornings when it's replaced with the Archers' omnibus music intro....(the only time, I think).

  Condom 16:43 16 Aug 2012

I can take or leave jingles. Believe it or not they are very expensive to make and until quite recently were still produced on 8 track where they were played by DJ's on banks of players.

Knowing one or two local BBC Radio station managers I was always fortunate in getting my hands on discarded players which we used in our hospital radio station and for that I was thankful. I'm not too sure how they are done these days. Some DJ's had very good ones but other were pretty crass.

  morddwyd 21:23 16 Aug 2012

If they'd eliminate the damned bass heavy jingle from the the tv news broadcasts I'd be more than happy!

  wee eddie 21:37 16 Aug 2012

Let the Jingles remain in the world of the inane.

My main beef is that the BBC seems to have forgotten that radio 4 is not designed to be listened to by the mentally challenged, it's something people grow into as they mature and as such has a constantly growing market without seeking younger listeners. It is, of course, necessary for Radio 4 listeners to accept that this years 40 year old's grew up with different tastes and triggers to their predecessors.

  interzone55 21:56 16 Aug 2012

I think the attempt to get a tune to fit round Ryan Tubridy's name as he covers for Chris Evans has maybe killed the Jingle singers

  Quickbeam 10:16 18 Aug 2012

Radio jingles are an incredibly powerful identifier for radio.

30+ years on, whenever the number 247 comes before my eyes, the old Radio 1 247 am jingle starts running through my mind for the next hour or so!

  Woolwell 16:28 18 Aug 2012

morddwydd - Eliminate the bass on BBC news - yes please!

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