no humour aloud?

  do-gull 19:09 06 Nov 2006

No disrespect to the FE,but in the thread "a good joke" he says "It's far easier for us just to say that we don't permit humour-based threads, then nobody can be offended.

  do-gull 19:13 06 Nov 2006

what a load of tosh!!!
There are quite a few threads that could cause offense beside humour based ones.

If you were to carry on along them lines no-one would be aloud to say anything in this forum.


  Forum Editor 19:42 06 Nov 2006

If you had bothered to download and read my guide to using the forum (and you obviously haven't), you would have seen this:-

"Jokes – We sometimes see threads containing jokes, or links to so-called humorous sites, posted under the tile “A little light relief”, or something similar. Tastes in humour vary widely, and what one person finds hilarious another may consider to be in bad taste, or even offensive. For that reason we tend to discourage such threads. There’s nothing wrong with posting links to items of general interest to computer users, or to similarly interesting news items, but please exercise discretion, and don’t take it too personally if we delete it. Our forum community is made up of people of both sexes and all ages, and we tend to err on the side of caution in such matters."

It's not rocket science, is it?

  ezypcy 19:45 06 Nov 2006

I agree with the decision to halt 'humour-based threads'.

But I love clever,funny and picture setting posts.
Otherwise,everything else is just a 'joke'!
Joke -> when some members exit (lose) a debate by shouting 'boring'!!

I enjoy, when re-reading some of my posts to find
myself laughing out

  do-gull 20:38 06 Nov 2006

I just don't see how you can say what you are saying yet you allow a thread that reads.............

Northern people are friendlier than southerners.

So that does not upset southerners?

Whatever the subject there will allways be people who MAY be offended. Some people are a tad more touchy than others.

  do-gull 20:52 06 Nov 2006


How do I download the guide to using the forum you mention?


  VoG II 21:09 06 Nov 2006
  ezypcy 21:09 06 Nov 2006

do-gull then the secret is to refrain from calling it
a joke or a comedy video clip.And don't give it a
credit warning that 'its not dirty nor insulting'.

Slight of hand should get you past the censor,
that's the trick according to your observations.

  do-gull 21:15 06 Nov 2006

The point I was making was humour is a great thing and this forum would be a worse place without it.

I see what you are getting at though,but why be underhand about something you find funny,just because of the Mary Whithouse effect?


  Jim Thing 21:41 06 Nov 2006

"So that does not upset southerners?"

Quite correct, do-gull, it does not. At least I certainly didn't notice anyone taking offence. Or deliberately trying to cause it either.

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:49 06 Nov 2006

North v South thread

"So that does not upset southerners?"

I'm a southerner, it didn't upset me.

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