No Front Line Cuts

  morddwyd 21:26 15 Apr 2011

According to the BBC News tonight, prior to Libya the RAF had only eight pilots qualified in the Ground Attack role.

Non BBC link here link text

No one is suggesting a return to a time when we had eight ground attack squadrons, rather than just eight ground attack pilots, but only eight pilots, eight, in the whole of the Royal Air Force, capable of attacking a tank?

What the hell happened to close infantry support?

  morddwyd 23:05 15 Apr 2011

What aircraft other than Typhoons are there?

Harriers scrapped, Tornadoes scrapped.

All eggs securely placed in one basket.

Agree more will be trained, but to allow numbers to get down to eight is running things awfully close.

(Thanks for correcting the link, try as I might, I can;t get the hang of the new system)

  Condom 23:20 15 Apr 2011

morddwyd We actually still have many operational Tornados which I believe are currently in use in the operation in LIbya. The Typhoons were supposed to be equiped for a ground attack role many years ago but the powers that be decided against it and at great cost this facility was done away with. Some years ago it was decided to again change this decision and the Typhoons were again equiped for ground attack hence the few pilots who are properly trained. God knows how many millions of pounds have been wasted on these changes.

  DippyGirl 01:50 16 Apr 2011

These days it seems short term accounting goals drive the processes. This is often to the detriment of both long term costs and service provision.

Financial planning that covers 6-12 months may be wonderful for the procurement of pencils (do people still use pencils?) but for things like weapons systems, drug development, infrastructure like road and rail ... a slightly more long term view is needed - but that doesnt seem to be the way things are now.

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