No Fish in the Sea!

  Uboat 00:53 31 Oct 2010

Hi guys, one of my friends of 25 years who works on a 3000 ton UK fishing trawler, spoke to me today in a way which is quite worrying! normally he would set sail in UK waters and be back in just under two weeks, (This was last year) now he is finding with a 3000 ton ship and a payload of 2000 ton of fish they are having to go afar as Africa he said there is NO FISH! in the uk.....

  Mr Mistoffelees 07:41 31 Oct 2010

"he said there is NO FISH! in the uk....."

Because of so many years of over-fishing. The fisherman have only themselves to blame. Not just British fisherman, but industrial scale fisheries around the world.

  Quickbeam 07:45 31 Oct 2010

click here on a little dishy.

Just an excuse to play the song...

  Quickbeam 07:55 31 Oct 2010

And the accompanying British Pathe film is quite an insight into a bygone golden era of trawling.

  morddwyd 08:03 31 Oct 2010

Your friend has been taking 2,000 tons of fish out of the sea every two weeks for twenty five years, and you wonder where all the fish have gone?

  BRYNIT 08:57 31 Oct 2010

It doesn't surprise me. People have been saying this for years.

If you have ever watch Trawlermen. Due to size and what they are allowed to fish for when the go out if they catch the wrong type/size of fish they have to throw it back or they get fined. Thats tons of fish usually dead.

  egapup 09:18 31 Oct 2010

Well if he goes out and catches 2000 tons of fish at a time no wonder there's none left....duh

  sunnystaines 10:22 31 Oct 2010

the whole of north sea should be a no fish zone for a few years.

the fishing boats will have to travel further.

G.B. has just made an area of the indian ocean a nature reserve, cannot see why GB,nederlands, denmark and norway cannot get together and do the same with the north sea.

  john bunyan 14:40 31 Oct 2010

Long term, with regret, fish farms will be the main source of sea fish, as we have clearly failed to insist on sustainable fishing except in a few areas like Iceland.Trouble is the feed for fish farms is itself a bit unsustainable.
Yet again population control would be better, if impossible to achieve.

  Uboat 16:41 31 Oct 2010

Guys i fully am with u when u say 2000 ton every few weeks is why the sea is empty, & thats just ONE boat there is thousands of them, Ive seen pics of the Volume of fish this ship gets and its upsetting..

we are overpopulate hugely and the demand for fish keeps strong so the stocks will deplete & i belive one day VERY soon we will hit a time when Cod was a thing of the past there simply been wiped out!

Where i live my cousin is a angler & Cod are that rarely caught off the beach that when one is there is a frenzy of other anglers calling one another, Its sad in fact very sad but the goverments around the world will NOT take a hold and stop the fish been wiped out...WHY must us as humans always have to have something happen before we react? where is "Prevention is better than Cure" in the goverments eyes...

  BT 16:47 31 Oct 2010

Apparently it is made from vast amounts of Anchovie, which is itself now becoming depleted.

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