No equality here then!

  canarieslover 19:59 15 Jul 2010

There's a lot to be said for atheism when one of the alternatives is so deeply chauvanistic. And we are going to pay out £12,000,000 so that the Pope can visit us????

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  zzzz999 21:05 15 Jul 2010

we invited the Pope here. And, do you seriously believe all athiests are equal rights campaigners

  Al94 21:16 15 Jul 2010

It's a great opportunity for mass protest against this corrupt organisation.

  the two smiths 12:53 16 Jul 2010

We covered this before and I ended up in hot water with the FE then.
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  the two smiths 12:56 16 Jul 2010

Religious subjects of any kind are never easy though I have started some of them myself.

  Cymro. 13:02 16 Jul 2010

The site was still logged in by another member of the family with their log-in details. This and above were posted by me "Cymro"

  Strawballs 04:33 17 Jul 2010

If I posted exactly what I thought of the Catholic faith and the Pope then I would be in more than just hot water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  AL47 13:53 17 Jul 2010

It's disgusting.. that amount of mibey.. it should be found privately.. all of it!

My post would be deleted if I said my real feelings :/

  beynac 14:17 17 Jul 2010

"There's a lot to be said for atheism when one of the alternatives is so deeply chauvanistic."

I have no strong views regarding the Pope's visit, but I feel that there is wide-spread misunderstanding about the issue of women priests.

The objections to the ordination of women are theological, not 'chauvinistic' or misogynist. Personally, I don't agree with that view but then I haven't studied theology and am not particularly religious.

The same applies to the current situation in the Church of England. The whole issue is being presented as one of discrimination. This is not the case. It is a matter of very deeply held religious beliefs.

  wee eddie 14:49 17 Jul 2010

While I am tempted to agree with you that the opposition to Women in the Church are Theological rather than 'chauvinistic' or 'misogynist'.

They are based on a Theology that was recorded by writers living in a Society that was deeply 'chauvinistic' and/or 'misogynistic' and therefor, probably, biased in the extreme, by our current interpretation of Human Rights.

Frequently the Texts used are open to a number of different translations and interpretations, even as documents of record, have several different sources

  beynac 14:59 17 Jul 2010

I totally agree with the points you make (I said that I didn't agree with the arguments against women's ordination). Also, I am no fan of the Roman Catholic Church.

The reason for my post was that I felt that a lot of people misunderstand the reasons behind the issue. As usual, there are a lot of opinions being stated in the press and elsewhere, with no effort being made to understand the issue itself.

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