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  laurie53 19:08 13 Dec 2007

A few days after Scotland's First Minister, Alex Salmond, met with immensely rich and powerful American billionaire Donald Trump, his application to build a golf course on an SSSI is "called in" by the Scottish Government, and the Chairman of the Aberdeenshire Council Planning Committee, whose casting vote originally rejected Mr Trumps application, is removed from his post.

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This, we are advised, is just a coincidence!

Long live democracy and allowing local elected representatives a chance to protect the envitonment.

  rossgolf 19:16 13 Dec 2007

are you saying u dont like golf or the fact that its being buitl and would damage enviroment?

  laurie53 19:20 13 Dec 2007

Neither. I'm saying this is not the right way to go about things.

  oresome 19:24 13 Dec 2007

If it comes to a bet between the environment and big business, I know where I'll put my money.

  rossgolf 19:24 13 Dec 2007

ohh ok then sorry i misunderstood you laurie

  Legolas 19:24 13 Dec 2007

The benefit of the Trump enterprise is certainly open to question but the most worrying thing about this whole shambles is the fact that the man that had the casting vote a couple of weeks ago to throw out the Trump application has now been sacked, how on earth can you be sacked for doing your job? The whole affair reeks of corruption and that is before any plans have been passed.

  Totally-braindead 19:36 13 Dec 2007

And what is not mentioned in that article is 22 I think it was of the 26 who voted against Martin Ford were SNP and included a few who initially voted against Donald Trumps plan.

Now that to me is a bit iffy. You vote against a plan and then vote against the a man who had the deciding vote and opposed the plan in the first place.

This sound a bit odd to anyone else? And the leader of the SNP prior to Mr Fords removal just happened to have a meeting with Donald Trump and was questioned about this meeting in the Scottish Parliament.

I don't know about the rules about this sort of meeting, Mr Salmond vigourously denied doing anything wrong but some MPs said what he had done was against the rules because he had kept quiet about the meeting. No idea whos right in this case but it sounds as if something funny has been going on.

  Totally-braindead 19:38 13 Dec 2007

And people wonder why politicians are seen by many of us as being untrustworthy.........

  Legolas 19:41 13 Dec 2007

I agree with you politicians must not only be honest they must be seen to be honest, even if Alex Salmond did nothing wrong it still looks suspicious.

  Totally-braindead 19:44 13 Dec 2007

It does indeed Legolas. I'm not saying that he broke any rules or did anything wrong but it does look suspicious.
I'm sure we will find out in due course if the First Minister did break any rules.

  georgemac © 19:50 13 Dec 2007

I live in Aberdeenshire, there is a huge amount of local support for this development which is an investment of over £1 billion into an area that will desperately need something to replace oil jobs. The main problem is that the support is not quite so vocal as the people and organisations against it.

The development was originally approved by the main council but was then halted by a small infrastructure committee.

How a decision so important for us could be taken by one small committee is plain daft, the chair who had the casting vote does not come across as someone who is impartial - he has never been on a plane in his life, does not drive, and is not from the area either, appears to be a career councillor/civil servant.

He has now been removed from his post as chairman by a vote of the full council who do not think he acted impartially. The council have also thankfully decided that such decisions in future will be decided on by a vote of the full council.

This development is also around 5 miles from the jurisdiction of Aberdeen City Council and they have no say on this either - again not very sensible IMHO.

Alex Salmond is MP for Aberdeenshire and his constituents strongly support the development and as our MP he has to take a view on this - I dismay now that party politics is coming into this and for me the development should be judged purely on merit.

This "sensitve" area for wildlife is thundered over every day by numerous helicopter flights - which do not seem to have an adverse affect on wildlife. There are golf courses all along this stretch of coastline, in which the golfers and wildlife manage to get along just fine. There are miles and miles of coast like this in NE Scotland, I don't think it would adversely affect wildlife at all.

Go to Fife, they have more sense there, and world class golf courses are being built all around, brining in large amounts of tourist revenue. Golf courses and wildlife happily exist together.

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