no claim cover,car insurance

  User-994545 00:42 11 Jan 2008

im over 50,max no claim,max driving discount on everything.just had renewal quote,£333 up from £230,
got on to comparison site,got it back down to £230, due to me being a new customer.But do i want no claim bonus protection? with wot looks like a guaranteed £100 increace next year if i stick with the same company. but as £230 was an introductory offer,price rises in the industry.blar-blar-blar its gone up to £333 so what use was the protection?Just as easy to swap,pay the extra for the bump.
considering ive got 10+ years NCB.allied to my distrust of insurance companies.they can stick their bonus protection

  User-994545 00:49 11 Jan 2008

sorry 4 upsetting anybody, £230 for a years insurance. for a merc c 240
you,ve got to have some compensation for being old

  laurie53 07:52 11 Jan 2008

Even better compensation - Less than £100 fully comp for a BMW bike (over 65)!

  interzone55 08:43 11 Jan 2008

Some companies will allow you two claims in a year before losing no claims bonus - but beware if you've had a claim in the 12 months it will affect your renewal quote if you move to another company.

Me, I always pay the extras because I know that the year I don't pay for them will be the year I need them.

Also the legal cover is useful if some uninsured driver parks their car in yours

  dagbladet 08:48 11 Jan 2008


To me, protecting your no claims seems just like buying insurance against your insurance. I decided some years ago not to bother. Maybe one day (could be tomorrow) I'll have a bump and lose my no claims, but over the years I think the savings will compensate.

Does that make any sense? It sounded clearer in my head than it looks on the page.

  CatTrading 08:57 11 Jan 2008

It's a post code lottery.
100 yards down the road a friend with the same model of car pays £125 less than i do, all for having a different post code!

But it's a rip off each year.
I have a max no claims, full licence, am over 30 & am an advanced driver, but each year my insurance goes up.

  interzone55 11:26 11 Jan 2008

Insurance goes up each year because insurance company costs go up each year - it's as simple as that.

Every time someone with no insurance crashes the costs are shared out to every one else.

The total cost of each fatal accident is around £1m all told, so thats a lot of money to share across all drivers when the driver at fault has no insurance.

As for "postcode lottery" I thank that term should be banned, it's not a lottery, as that implies an element of chance - there is not chance involved. If you live in a high crime area you'll end up paying extra, the insurance companies work from ONS data based on the first 4 or 5 digits of a postcode (BL9 0 or OL12 7) they don't know that certain parts of OL12 7 may have contain a gated estate and a council estate and the risks in each place will be different.

A guy in my office moved 2 miles down the same road and his car insurance increased went up by £400, same car, same town, different postcode.

  User-994545 11:51 11 Jan 2008

i know premiums must go up with costs,but 30% rise due to costs,i dont think so.The insurance companies use it as a back door,increase
give us your protection premium-if you have a bump,we,ll re-insure you at our "standard rate" eg 30% increase
if you swap companies you must declare the claim,and pay an increased premium the only way you can benefit is,after 20 years of accident free driving you then have multiple bumps.

  dagbladet 12:23 11 Jan 2008

Which is exactly why I don't protect my no-claims.

  birdface 12:23 11 Jan 2008

I was asked by my insurance company when re-newing if I wanted to take out a no claim protection for another £75 I think it was.No thanks I said.Following week a Fork lift truck pulled out in front of me and I went into the back of it.Lost all my no claims discount as I had hit the forklift it was classes as my fault.Just shows you after 45 years driving without an accident and that to happen a week after being asked. So you take your choice and pay for it if it is the wrong one.

  donki 13:40 11 Jan 2008

Funny i came across this post i was just listing to the radio and it was saying the number of uninsured drivers caught had went up, i "think" it was 40%. I just checked the radio 1 news pages and found this.

click here

In my opinion its been a long time coming, these drivers show NO consideration firstly for themselves and most of all other drivers. Coming from N Ireland I have been paying very high prices for my insurance. My first car was £2800 for an 1.4 Astra 8 years ago. Thankfully im down to £390 now for a 1.9TD Astra.

Maybe these tougher laws will get the uninsured drivers off the roads and in turn the insurance prices down.

Do any government body monitor insurance rates?

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