Ninja Warrior

  gengiscant 09:37 22 Feb 2011

I can now get Challenge TV on Free-view and came across Ninja Warrior and Takeshi's Castle.
For those of use that have not seen these programs.
Ninja click here
Takeshi's click here

Very little thought given to protecting the participants from injury and no doubt there are many injuries.Now look at the BBC's offering Total Wipeout with all contestants with life jackets and every piece of equipment with more padding on than a person of more portly stature.

I must say I prefer the absolute athleticism of the participants of Ninja Warrior and the total madness of the people who take part in Takeshi's castle.

Total Wipeout on the other hand is for big Jessie's.

I appreciate because of the strict Health and Safety regulations Wipeout has to be the way it is but why is it necessary to wear a large life jacket when most of the course has only a few inches of water.

  canarieslover 10:27 22 Feb 2011

I've watched some of them in the past, with Brian Blessed commentating, and thought they were amazing as well as hilarious. If only I could do that!!!

  Strawballs 10:52 22 Feb 2011

Takeshi's castle is narrated by Craig Charles of Red Dwarf and that one is entertainment at the expence of the competitor but Ninja Warrior is a real test of staminor

  Belatucadrus 16:06 22 Feb 2011

I'm a total sucker for Ninja warrior, It's totally insane but strangely compelling and without the peculiarly sadistic edge that the one Clive James used to show had.

  timsmith259 22:13 23 Feb 2011

bring back freeview channel 20

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