Nightmare of Cancelling AOL

  DrHoliday 16:18 20 Jun 2006

Listen to what happens when this guy try's to cancel AOL;-)
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  Snec 16:42 20 Jun 2006

Obviously a spoof. A (good?) joke based on a grain of truth, like all good jokes.

  rdave13 00:02 21 Jun 2006

I'm on AOL and have heard some similar stories. Maybe not so much a spoof! A workmate of mine cancelled his AOL account but still they took his monthly payments through his credit card. His bank are now dealing with it but so far its been twelve months and still not resolved! Being forewarned is always useful and if ever I want to cancel with AOL I'll involve my credit card company at the date of cancellation.

  rmcqua 10:00 21 Jun 2006

I had a very similar experience to Rdave13's friend. When my family moved back from the USA it took ages to get AOL to stop taking monthly debits from the c/c account. I tried e-mails, letters, faxes, the lot.

  pj123 10:21 21 Jun 2006

No problem cancelling my AOL account apart from a 20 minute, or so, phone bill.

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  HondaMan 14:12 21 Jun 2006

I cancelled mine without any problem. I think its how you appear to them. If you are wavering they'll try to make you stay, if you're determined, they don't argue - much.

  GRFT 14:45 24 Jun 2006

I hear that AOL is coming under fire by the US authorites because of this.

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