Night Time Economy

  realist 16:36 28 Jul 2007

Our Home Counties' market town boasts a vibrant "night-time economy".

In practice what this means is that for the majority of the population the town centre is a no-go area after 8pm, and early morning shoppers are met with the sight and odour of the previous night's vomiting and urinating (we even have a "convenient" pop-up on-street toilet to facilitate the latter).

Is your locality similarly afflicted?

  namtas 17:52 28 Jul 2007

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  The Brigadier 18:15 28 Jul 2007

My folks area is in leafy surrey & apart from the odd loony or drunk the area is kept tidy & clean.
May thats why it's a Tory stronghold?
Bring back the Iron Lady & the birch.

I'm a happy fellow tonight, you can tell!!

  Bingalau 18:31 28 Jul 2007

Sounds like you are fully recovered Brigadier.

  Jake_027 00:05 29 Jul 2007

yes, our town seems to boast one too. Many a street is filled with people "just having fun", although why they need to shout and brawl to have said fun, I am not quite sure. However, the vast majority don't seem to be too bad. But we also get vomit, broken glass, spilt takeaways and other such delights left behind by this economy's "entreprenurs". Many of our streets also seem to have a pop up toilet, although theses are only visible to a special few, identified to the rest of us only by the smell of urine in places it shoudln't be.


  Cymro. 11:05 29 Jul 2007

I think most places are affected by the problem most weekend mornings. It is just a matter of degree, some are better some are worse. People put it down to the general fall in standards. I just don`t know, but suspect that the problem is more complicated.

  Bingalau 11:22 29 Jul 2007

The fall in standards has brought the complications.

  g0nvs 11:25 29 Jul 2007

My town center is a "No Go Area" all the time, day & night.

  Kate B 15:25 29 Jul 2007

Booze turns people into complete fools. I'd far rather be among a crowd of people who'd been taking ecstasy than who'd been drinking. The pill-poppers would just be hugging you and telling you how lovely you are, while the boozers are arsey, stupid, aggressive and likely to fall over and vomit.

It astonishes me that we condone the level of alcohol abuse we do - if you go into any office on a Monday morning, you'll be hearing tales of falling over, appalling hangovers and throwing up in gutters as if it was something to be proud of.

  Stuartli 17:29 29 Jul 2007

People tend to reveal their true character after one (or two or more) too many.

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