Night of the Long Knives?

  morddwyd 05:45 05 Sep 2012

More like the Sunday afternoon of the closed penknife.

More ineffective tinkering.

  Forum Editor 06:43 05 Sep 2012

How do you know it will be ineffective?

  morddwyd 07:09 05 Sep 2012

"How do you know it will be ineffective?"

Oh no! Not again.

I know of no such thing, I'm simply expressing an opinion.

And I didn't say it will be, I said, or implied by context, that it is.

A bunch of nonentities replaced by a bunch of other nonentities.

If I'm proved wrong I fully expect, and am prepared, to be told so.

If you're going to challenge my opinion, do so, but let's have a debate, not a demand for proof.

If I state that 2+2=5 I expect to be asked for proof, but not just for honestly held, albeit not shared by others, opinions.

  Al94 07:35 05 Sep 2012

These "nonentities" are elected politicians. How would you change that?

  Quickbeam 07:49 05 Sep 2012

He's still bound by his coalition terms. You won't get a drastic swing to the right on any policy unless the Tories win an outright clear election and I still say this government will run most of it's course. Any election soon is likely to gift Labour another term in power as the short political memories that we have, have already forgotten the midden that they left the country in, and we'll believe that the coalition has brought all this hardship upon us.

So I would agree with your more like the Sunday afternoon of the closed penknife analogy.

  john bunyan 08:36 05 Sep 2012

I heard Nick Robinson, a BBC political correspondent, on the Today programme. He believes that most of these appointments were inspired or prompted by Osborne, to get rid of opponents to his Treasury targets/ ambitions and to promote those who are his "friends" re policy.(Eg Heathrow runway etc)

  morddwyd 08:54 05 Sep 2012

"How would you change that?"

The only way is to remove the franchise from those who insist on electing nonentities.

However, one person's nonentity is another person's statesman, and I have no wish to lose my vote!

  Kevscar1 09:16 05 Sep 2012

Does anybody know what would happen if everyone ekse refused to vote at the next election so every person standing only got their own vote.

  john bunyan 09:26 05 Sep 2012


Maybe the Parliament would increase in size to quite a few million depending on how many of age candidates there were.Not a good idea. I do agree that the Party system means that few good independent candidates get elected so in effect we vote for parties even though few of us belong to them. It was ever thus, unfortunately, in recent tines.

  john bunyan 10:27 05 Sep 2012

"Maybe if Cameron and Osborne stepped down we may have got someone that could run the country without so many mistakes that those two have made."

Who do you suggest?

  Woolwell 10:46 05 Sep 2012

You get a problem when the pack is just jokers.

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