On this night 1999 were you worried about the

  Diodorus Siculus 19:46 31 Dec 2006

millennium bug?

Amid all sorts of predictions of disaster, it disappeared with a whimper and we woke up on Jan 1 2000 quite happily!

  octal 19:56 31 Dec 2006

A lot of people made a lot of money out of that and it wasn't me, all I got was a load of flack. It should have gone down as the biggest con of the century.

It cost the NHS millions, the project manager asked me off the record after a year 2K meeting what I thought would happen, I said nothing, they are asking the wrong people instead of asking Bean counters they should be asking technicians and engineers to get an honest answer. You want to see the paperwork I've got on it, and all that happened was one computer didn't change over and some machines wouldn't roll over because they were so old they should have been chucked in the bin years before.

  hijo 20:29 31 Dec 2006

i worked in London i was working in a 5 star hotel called le meridien piccadilly (click here)
i worked in the "Front OF House" AKA Reception on the right of the picture,it has since been re-furbished but anyway i asked not to work the night shift as i saw a massive gridlock coming...how wrong i was,anyway i did my last shift & saw the BIGGEST cockroach uve ever seen next to the kitchens,i thought it was a dead mole or something,but anyway what a buildup that was eh,London was ace on NYE 1999 i climbed up a streetlight on westminster bridge so i could see the "Wall Of Fire" a huge fireworks show...truely amazing it was..i still got newspapers from that day...

  season8 20:39 31 Dec 2006

I worked on the night of the "millennium" and their were a few people absolutely crapping themselves within the banking world. We even had to attend disaster meetings on what could go wrong and what Implications there would be. Some senior bank managers talked of nothing else, we took it all in and reassured thenm that all would be OK.

We knew all the pc's we had to monitor would be fine, what know one knew was we had run a few servers with the clocks put forward a week from December 29th just in case.

All went OK, but the firm i was working for got 10's of thousands for doing all the work.

  wiz-king 20:49 31 Dec 2006

I still have a Y2K fact sheet at work somewhere. It was issued by the MCA to tell us how to keep the licenced drug records working, waste of time cos as per season8 we had forwarded a test computer months in advance.

  Taff™ 21:43 31 Dec 2006

We had paper files by the sackload just in case! Half of those contained the training course material we sent people on and the other half were the questionnaires returned from our suppliers confirming their computer systm compliance with the BS Standard. What a waste of time and effort when as has been said, we`d rolled our computer system forward to test it anyway!

  beynac 21:54 31 Dec 2006

I had to satisfy the Financial Services Authority that my company was prepared for Y2K. One of the questions was "What would you do if the lifts weren't working when your office opened in the new millennium?"

Answer: "We would use the stairs".

The whole thing was a total farce. Quite a lot of things needed sorting out but it wasn't a major problem for most firms. A lot of people made a lot of money by scaremongering. How can they be proved wrong? They would argue that it was not a problem because of their warnings. The fact was that all computer programs needed to be checked for Y2K issues. A big job, but not a problem for most sensible people.

Having said that, I retired on 31/12/1999. When the FSA representative asked what my plans were for 1st January, I said that I intended to have a lie-in and breakfast in bed!

  Forum Editor 11:53 01 Jan 2007

that aircraft would fall out of the sky when their onboard computers failed to make the date change, and I remember how the Chinese government neatly overcame the problem. They issued a decree that the CEO of every Chinese airline was to be airborne in one of the company's aircraft at midnight on the big day, thus ensuring that big chunks of cash were thrown at the problem.

I imagine it concentrated the mind wonderfully, and of course everything went without a hitch.

  rodriguez 12:35 01 Jan 2007

Nope. I actually did a test and set the clocks on most of the things to 1st Jan 2000 just before the millennium. It just went over as normal, the same as it did on the actual night. :-P

  Z1100 14:57 03 Jan 2007

I was in the Call Centre earning a fortune for palying games!


  The Brigadier 15:23 03 Jan 2007

We were on stand-by for civil unrest when everything stopped working & we would get deployed with batons & riot shields to protect important buildings.

Did bugger all apart from drink tea & have the odd noisey round London in our heavily armoured partol Landrover to scare revellers with!

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