"Nigerian" emails

  €dstowe 16:10 16 Apr 2008

Seem to be getting a lot of "Nigerian" emails in the last few days, most of them escaping the BT spam trap.

Ten today already. Anyone else getting this?

  anskyber 16:13 16 Apr 2008

No, I've just started getting emails from people who think I need help in bed.

  peter99co 16:15 16 Apr 2008

Install Mailwasher pronto

  €dstowe 16:42 16 Apr 2008

I use ePrompter so they aren't getting into my mailbox, it's just that I'm seeing them on the server when normally the BT/Yahoo spam trap would prevent them getting that far.

As for bed assistance, why do they think I need it and why should I want to shorten what I already have?

  bluto1 19:08 16 Apr 2008

I had a cracker from the Ivory Coast last week.
It would have involved me impersonating somebody, and Grand Larceny on his part.

  spuds 19:33 16 Apr 2008

Don't know about the increase in Nigerian scam emails, but since making a purchase from the USA recently, the email box as had a sudden increase of all varieties of goods and services. Pity they don't look at my domain, they might realise that I am UK based and not able to take up their offers :O)

  jack 19:59 16 Apr 2008

Ready to study for a degree
Need to extend my Car Warranty
The usual of assistance or company in Bed
Ger grant from GW Bush
Get Criminal justice education
Clear my debts [I have none]
Urgent security checks from banks with whom I have no account

All this stuff never gets to my in box, I interrogate and delete it on the server.
The West coast of Africa has not discovered me ....yet

  techie4me 20:08 16 Apr 2008

If any have a Canada address i pass details on to click here
Who take a very dim view of these soughts of emails!

  1911 22:23 16 Apr 2008

I used to get 10 to 20 spam mails a day. Then I tried GMAIl. Now I get less than ONE a month or less. There is a spam file which collects them by the dozen but they never make their way into my inbox.

  jack 08:30 17 Apr 2008

Do check your Spam box on the server
The one you have been waiting for may have got in there also

  DANZIG 08:47 17 Apr 2008

I must lead a really dull life, because ever since I've had a hotmail account, I've never had one bit of spam - with the exception of the acres of facebook things I get, which are my own fault I suppose...

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