Nicked for piggy-backing on WiFi

  VoG II 19:20 22 Aug 2007

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What amazes me is the apparently large proportion of routers that are unsecured. At work I can even pick-up local businesses unsecured WiFi connections - but of course I have not attempted to connect to then.

  Curio 20:20 22 Aug 2007

So PCSOs do have their uses then!

  mrwoowoo 20:25 22 Aug 2007

recently when my broadband connection was down my 9 year old son said"don't worry dad you can use mine".Obviously curious as his pc upstairs has no internet connection i asked what he was on about.
He produced his psp from behind his back and started googling away.As vog says,it's unbelievable the amount of people who leave their routers unsecured.Obviously he was naieve to the fact it was illegal and i duly explained this to him.
Wonder if the police would prosecute a 9 year old?

  Strawballs 22:31 22 Aug 2007

Anybody who say they don't mind others using their unsecured network should read the whole of this article click here

  Forum Editor 00:18 23 Aug 2007

and goes to the Royal Opera House at every opportunity. I always drive down and collect her outside the Opera house, and amuse myself whilst I'm waiting (with all the other chauffeurs) by checking out the wireless networks on my PDA.

I can pick up about seven or eight corporate networks, three of which are unsecured, and one public access network from a nearby cafe. The cafe network signal is very strong, and I once asked them if they knew they were broadcasting to such a wide area. They said they didn't mind - anyone was free to connect as far as they were concerned. I use their network regularly now, and have several times posted to the forum from my car.

  Kev.Ifty 00:31 23 Aug 2007

Thats a Big thing. Which bit is one breaching?

  Acx 03:01 23 Aug 2007

If we all could do it (and I mean legally).

If it meant:- no significant loss of service, my files and data were secure and it had no cost to me, I would have no problem allowing people to use my connection (if I could use theirs).

  €dstowe 08:13 23 Aug 2007

There are five unsecured networks that I can pick up. I know who four of them belong to and I've offered to set them up to be secured but, only one person has taken my offer up. The others don't seem bothered and my offers have been rejected.

I know that these networks are being abused by both locals and by a few youngsters that drive in from the nearby town and sit in their cars downloading/uploading all manner of (probably undesirable) stuff.

  pj123 13:57 24 Aug 2007

I can pick up 2 unsecured networks close to me.

I have been knocking on doors to find who they are so that I can tell them they are vunerable, but no one owns up!

Needless to say, although I can see them I can't actually connect to their network?

  BryanR 14:32 24 Aug 2007

It was ridiculously early, and i was barely awake at the time, but I swear the editor, Paul Trotter was on the sofa talking about this Wifi thief with the GMTV presenters.

  paul trotter 16:37 24 Aug 2007

You're right - it was early! But I'm glad someone saw it.

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