A nice meal or alternative to Sunday Lunch

  spuds 16:13 31 Aug 2008

A few months ago,one of the forum members VoG was asking alternatives for preparing potatoes. Due to the good response, I am now seeking a 'real' nice meal as an alternative to the normal English Sunday Lunch. Nothing in the Gordon Ramsey, many expensive ingredients style. Possibly something fairly quick, not to many ingredients and well rewarding for the after taste.

We eat virtually most foods, and have done over the years (fresh water turtles give me a rash), so really anything is on the menu agenda.

  peter99co 17:02 31 Aug 2008

I find good quality Salmon and Rice with a Hollandaise Sauce served with a mixture of diced Vegetables very nice and easy to cook serve and digest. The Salmon is cooked by frying in a Iron Pan with Butter and turning only once.

We buy a whole salmon which is cut into steaks with the tail end cut into a fillet.

It is therefore possible to freeze in portions and is probably cheaper bought as a whole large fish.

A healthy alternative to Red Meat.

  Pamy 17:15 31 Aug 2008

We occationally go out for a buffet style Chinese meal.Very relaxed and easy going. No preparation or washing up after and reasonabe priced.

  Forum Editor 17:35 31 Aug 2008

not to many ingredients and well rewarding for the after taste."

Smoked salmon, a really good Brie, Freshly-made crusty bread, grapes, freshly picked ripe Concord pears, and maybe a few very large cold prawns.

All to be eaten outside in the sun, preferably with a group of friends, and washed down with cold Sancerre, or champagne if the budget permits.

  Noels 18:08 31 Aug 2008

Sorry for the pun.
I am in my 70's and now like simple easy to prepare meals. I find white fish of any sort delicious if served with a simple white sauce, parsley, taragon even vanilla the list is endless.At this time of year with new minted potatoes and frozen peas.So easy so nice delicious.
If you can manage it, good food,good wine and especially good company. What could be better.

  Noels 18:15 31 Aug 2008

You could add flaked smoked haddock and or prawns in a shallow flat dish topped with a gratin of breadcrumbs and a tasty cheese.
Again the list is endless but easy.

  carver 21:46 31 Aug 2008

Please I think you are delving into the realms of the absurd.

"All to be eaten outside in the sun"

The last time we tried that last Saturday we had a group of friends round and finished up sat outside in coats, in the rain.

But back to the topic we like thinly sliced chicken breast marinated in a Cajun seasoning, fried in butter with Basmati rice and tossed salad.

The complete time for cooking is only about 15 minutes.

  Stuartli 21:54 31 Aug 2008

We regularly buy a just baked French stick and fill it with butter and either Caerphilly or Double Gloucester cheese.

Simple, quick and extremely tasty.

  peter99co 21:56 31 Aug 2008

I think the FE painted a picture to cheer us up and thank him for the illustration.

  Bingalau 22:53 31 Aug 2008

I think the FE's recipe is going on my list of "Must try's" I like the sound of that and anything that quick and easy is going to be good (and probably fattening, but what the heck!).

  DieSse 22:57 31 Aug 2008

For very quick:-

Frozen creamed spinach + Frozen mussels (shelled and cleaned type)

Lob them all into a nice big pan - splash of olive oil for extra taste. Heat through.


Grilled fresh sardines with a nice fresh salad.

Fresh (real!) bread with ali-oli.

Fresh peaches - just right just now.

Jug of iced home made sangria (or tinto de verano as they call it round here).

And the most important ingredient - family and/or friends!

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