The NHS - Whats Wrong?

  Zero G 15:56 15 Jan 2007

Seems that the NHS goes from crisis to crisis, what can be done to make it work better?

  Kate B 15:58 15 Jan 2007

Throw billions of pounds at it.

  Starfox 16:03 15 Jan 2007

Been done, didn't work.;0)

  Ho-Lin-Sok 16:07 15 Jan 2007

Vote conservative

  Z1100 16:10 15 Jan 2007

Charge per stich or broken bone...

Keep the real money for the real issues and deter every would be DIY guru to take more care.

And tax or charge for 'Self Induced' issues, missed appointments, and lifestyle enhancing (Vanity) treatment.


  Kate B 16:10 15 Jan 2007

I don't think so - the rot started under Thatcher. But let's remember that overtly party political remarks are not allowed here.

  grw 16:13 15 Jan 2007

There is no easy answer. The NHS will never have enough money. They do need to get back to basics:-look after their staff with wages / hours / conditions, make treatment throughout the UK a standard high level. Because their budgets end in March each year, a great deal of money is "panic spent" to use it up or they lose it. Therefore any money remaining at the end of March should be allowed to carried forward to April / new financial year. The company I work for has to deal with "panic spends" from several goverment offices not just the NHS. It just seems finacialy crazy.

sort out their budget controls - the NHS

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:14 15 Jan 2007

If Gerry Robinson despairs then the NHS is very sick. I watched the programmes on BBC2 and I have never seen such an archaic, inept, unfocused company in the whole of my life. It actually seemed like a Tom Sharpe novel only not as funny but with the same caricatures. It was truly dismaying. Taking out private insurance years ago seems like one of my better moves as there is no way I would ever entrust any part of myself that was knackered to that bunch of neolithic jokers. The NHS needs a rocket right up its' derrière.


  rezeeg 16:15 15 Jan 2007

I think it works OK, like a lot of people I know, but we're always looking for perfection. Look at the ops etc that it has to perform nowadays compared to 30/40 years ago.

It angers me when people refer to it as akin to a 3rd world health service. Those people have obviously never had to use a 3rd world service.

Whenever I need something looking at, like recently very badly torn ligaments in my knee, I come running back to England.

I'd be happier though if they got rid of all these 'superbugs'.

  rezeeg 16:18 15 Jan 2007

ps not quite 'running' with that knee :-)

  Totally-braindead 16:18 15 Jan 2007

Like Gandalf I saw the same program and you could see the poor guy struggling to try to help and hitting a brick wall again and again. I felt really sorry for him.
I don't know the answer and my ideas for saving some of the cash would not go down too well with many people so I'm better off keeping quiet.

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