NHS Prescription Scandal

  crosstrainer 14:27 27 Nov 2008

This one really has me angry. As many here will know, I have been suffering from DVT for the last 7 months or so.

Today, I was telephoned by my GP and told that I no longer need to take Warfarin, and have been referred to the Physio's for various other treatment.

Great, but having had a recent (Monday) prescription filled for Warfarin, and also having 4 boxes of varying mg at home, I asked if the chemist would like these tablets back.

These are UNOPENED boxes of medication, and could be used again.

"Flush them down the toilet" I was told. "We do this with all unused medications"


These tablets are blister packed, unopened and could be used for another patient.

Utterly ludricous.

  crosstrainer 14:29 27 Nov 2008

....Sorry, I'm really angry. ALL medications? I wonder just how much money is literally "Going down the pan"?

  tullie 14:35 27 Nov 2008

I agree with the chemist,you cant take a chance that returns are ok,one of the problems is,is that people order prescriptions when they dont need to,and end up with several boxes etc.

  crosstrainer 15:11 27 Nov 2008

It wasn't the chemist, the GP gave me the info.

Blister (IE SEALED) medication can not be tampered with at all unless by professionals

A 30 second inspection would reveal any cracks / blemishes in a blister packed tablet.

So taxpayers fork out even more money for unnecessary wastage.

  sunnystaines 15:26 27 Nov 2008

keep it may come in handy for rat poison

  crosstrainer 15:30 27 Nov 2008

"...one of the problems is,is that people order prescriptions when they don't need to,and end up with several boxes etc.

Exactly my point.....Within sell by date, these can be used again....Foul tampering twixt patient and collection?

A big fat zero.

And checking is cheaper than throwing them all away.

  Cymro. 15:31 27 Nov 2008

I have had the same sort of thing happen to me. I would have thought there was a better way of doing things. If such drugs were sent back to the manufacturers would they not be able to check them out and do something with them?.

  tullie 15:32 27 Nov 2008

Im sure i wouldent like second hand medication.

  bremner 15:36 27 Nov 2008

It would probably cost more than the drugs were worth.

There really is no option other than destroy them, the potential risk would be too great.

  crosstrainer 15:36 27 Nov 2008

It's not scond hand............NOT second hand boxes sealed, no risk, a first year pharmacist could easily ascertain.

NO brainer. GRRRH (not personal by the way)

  crosstrainer 15:43 27 Nov 2008

Of course there is. A simple check. Reason why?

1) Doctor is paid for every prescripted item.

2) No staff available to perform the needed checks.

And here is a real funny:

When I mentioned the extra physio stuff earlier in the post... I require a walking aid (that's what they call it)

It's a simple walking stick to help support my gammy leg.



I am 6 foot exactly. Seems I have to be fitted with the correct aid for my needs.

Paperwork has to be done and I have to wait for 4 weeks prior to an assessment.

For which the doctor also gets paid.

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