NHS computer system not working

  MichelleC 15:57 14 Feb 2007

'Computer says no' to Mr Blair's botched £20bn NHS upgrade click here

What could you have done with £20 billion?

  bremner 16:16 14 Feb 2007

Cured all the problems with the NHS I shouldn't wonder.

  p;3 16:23 14 Feb 2007

to coin a phrase..it all sounds good on paper....

  Monoux 16:38 14 Feb 2007

Well Well no surprises here then. It seems most Government computer schemes end up costing far more than originaly planned ( if planned is the right word ). and don't work as well as hyped up, if they work at all that is before being scrapped. Yet another white elephant that we the long suffering taxpayers have to fund. I don't think its specifuic to one flavour of Government either as they all seem to be the same when it comes to most things actually

  Jackcoms 17:23 14 Feb 2007

It might be wise when the Government next decides to install/update an all-singing, all-dancing computer system for one their Departments, that a Minister pops into this Forum first and asks a few pertinent questions! ;-))

  p;3 17:44 14 Feb 2007

that is one of the most sensible suggestions I have yet seen about this 'brilliant system' ; it is supposed to be bullet proof, tamper proof, fort knox proof .... apparently

all it will take is one determined bod to......

as I said; it is a good idea ..on paper;;

  p;3 17:50 14 Feb 2007

also; I wish to know what they intend doing with all the mountains of paperwork that presumably needs putting on to the system

in today's cash strapped NHS ,just whom will they employ for that mammoth task?and that will be completed in ...??which year??(century)

  octal 18:06 14 Feb 2007

"What could you have done with £20 billion?"

Wipe the £34 million deficit for our hospital and not waste it on things like this.

  p;3 18:53 14 Feb 2007

the oddity of course with that is that,one may recall the hospital that worked its way out of debt and got into credit ? that hospital has apparently been fined FOR its credit ability and penalised; joke, aint it?

  josie mayhem 19:01 14 Feb 2007

What I could do with £20 billion....

Well I could have my insulin pump and one for any other insulin diabetic that needed one...

Without fighting tooth and nail to get it....

It costs about £1650 a year over a four year period per person to buy and provide supplies to use it... a expensive treatment you might say...

But this little piece of kit, will give better control nearer to a normal persons. But the added benefit is that because it enables you far better control than multiply daily injections... It reduces the risk of having long term diabetic complications of up 76% so can reduce the long term cost of treatment and care if this complication arise....

And that just for starters........

  Ho-Lin-Sok 21:56 14 Feb 2007

I suppose when(?) it finally gets completed there will be a multitude of terminals pumping in duff information because there will be Homo Saps using it.

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