day2strike 16:53 16 Jul 2008

I've recently had 2 visits to my local A&E department, both time's going in as an emergency.
The hospital may have hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons, but the staff were fantastic & both times the staff were able to talk me through the treatment that they were going to do.

I now have a good idea on what caused the problems & how to avoid it happening again.
Sadly though any follow up treatment may have to be private as i'm not classed as an urgent case, even though i've been to A&E twice with the same problem & i may need to go again.

  Forum Editor 17:30 16 Jul 2008

that when they really need the services of the NHS it comes up trumps - usually because of the quality of care provided by the medical staff who work in the hospitals.

  Bingalau 17:43 16 Jul 2008

Yes I agree, I jumped the queue for a hernia operation a couple of weeks ago and the staff were fantastic. Except that they forgot to pass on my message to cancel the operation I was scheduled for. Good job I rang up to double check.

  birdface 18:22 16 Jul 2008

Yes my last visit to Hospital the staff were fantastic but unfortunately it is one of those Hospitals that you go into and don't know if you are going to come back out.I was supposed to go back in for another operation a couple of years ago but decided to give it a miss until things improve.You can pick and choose hospitals but some of the ones offered were not much better.If I had the cash I would have gone for a different type of treatment but unfortunately national health Hospitals do the laser treatment that I would need.Mind you saying that they had me in before the last operation to operate on me.gave me all my jags and wheeled me down to the operating theater and discovered that they never had the proper tools to carry on with the operation,So had to come back the following week and go through it all again.

  ronalddonald 20:27 16 Jul 2008

there be a form available so that nurse and doctors can see what your wishes are. I was admmited to hospital with chest infection and asthma problem. Admitted but they see from my records im a diabetic, on drugs to control the dibetes (not on insulin). I dont have to prick myself to see the level of sugar it is controled by drugs supplied prescribed by GP.

GP does monitoring once a year.

Now at hospital admitted to a ward, nurses are begnig to think oh we have to monitor blood sugar. Have fingers pricked nothing wrong with me sugar level fine, hello im here for the chest infection and asthma.

So what has happned for patient choice of care. More resources used over a week of pricking me when they didnt need to. There should a form where the patient signs what the patient wants.

Been admitted to a&e department and they are great they dont prick you unless there a problem, go on the ward and its a differnt set of rules. The treat he problem you were admitted in for. So why are ward lloking for more problems digging for more problems when they know there are bed shortages.

I was thinking when adults register for gp, there should some kind of form provided stating that if you go tohospital you only be treated for what you have been admitted for and nothing else unless other complications arise from treatment. This form should be attached to the NHS database so that all clincal multi teams are aware of what your wishes are. This form dould be revied once a year or two years. Wouldnt this save some money instead of wasting needles for blood glucose checks which are not needed. ths would save up some time on ward.

Also when some one being dishcarged should have their obsevations stopped but this is not the case. They like to cary on observaions, even thought the doctor now quite well you dont need them. This to could free up time.

Nurses are very over worked. Doctors like to pay god even though theyare not entitled to it and they need to learn no to undermine nurses. I now of regiters who will be bleeped and they ar needed urgently on wward, what ae thye doing they are on the internet and ignoring the bleep they carry.

Docors need to be reprimanded by the consultants. Itsvry odd consultants now what to do and have good people skills but docotrs int rinig or newly qulaified seem to be in another world of doss.

  DrScott 00:34 17 Jul 2008

infections generally cause diabetic control do go out the window.

They are pricking your finger to ensure you don't go into DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis) which has a horrible tendency of being fatal.

Oh and consultants are doctors too.

  Forum Editor 00:50 17 Jul 2008

I think it might be a good idea to do a little research before posting long, rambling posts full of innacuracies and wild, sweeping generalisations.

  White_Elephant 01:17 18 Jul 2008

Before we all get warm n fuzzy about A&E dapartments, I recently had to take my father to A&E after he experienced post-op complications - bladder related.

He was screaming in pain and they refused to put in a catheter because there was no-one qualified around to do so, after 6 hours of this, a male doc came round, looked casually at him, asked the nurse why no-one had put a catheter in and 5 mins later, all was well.

Just recently wife had a baby, midwives changed constantly and half of them couldnt give a damn, one of them left a syringe and someone elses medication on a low table near children. The whole ward and nursing system was extremely disorganised, the only professional part was the surgical team.

  day2strike 10:12 18 Jul 2008

It seems the NHS wait for my problem is 3-6 months.
To go private i can see a specialist next week!

  Grey Goo 10:49 18 Jul 2008

With an organisation the size of the NHS there are going to be some areas that are light years ahead of others in the way they operate. Management or lack of it plays a crucial role in any large organisation, it could be pretty amazing if the whole thing could be synchronised to work as a whole but there are still some parts, the ghastly computer system for one, that are counter productive.

  day2strike 10:50 23 Jul 2008

Yet another trip to A&E last night!
Seems the Doctors think going to see the specialist I may get to find out what is wrong, hope it's quick as it's costing me ££££ & not covered by MediCare Insurance.

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