The Brigadier 18:21 04 Jun 2007

So much is written about the NHS on how bad it is, well today i saw it at it's best. I was taken to A&E for what was thought a suspected heart attack, rushed in had 2 ECG's, hooked up to a heart monitor, had various blood tests done & x-rays, seen by a consultant cardiologist and all this with the results back within 2 hours.

Luckerly it seems i have ripped some muscle on my chest & damaged a few ribs which will be painful for a week or so.

And we only normally get to hear the bad things about the NHS.

  Forum Editor 18:25 04 Jun 2007

when all goes well it's not newsworthy, but when there's a glitch it's as if the world has come to an end.

I'm glad you're OK - it must have been more than a bit scary.

  Pine Man 18:32 04 Jun 2007

I live on the south coast and I am nearer 80 than 40.

In recent years things have started to go wrong or break requiring numerous visits to my GP and referrals to my local hospital.

I can't speak too highly of the service I received from my local surgery and the very speedy response from the hospital for numerous tests.

At the moment (touching wood furiously) everything seems to be working ok and nothing has fallen off recently but if it does I know where to go and that I will be treated promptly and properly by the NHS.

  The Brigadier 18:34 04 Jun 2007

Very scary in fact i thought i was going to die.
The staff were really good & the doctors put be at my ease. The main issue was the hospital i went to has been reported as being poorly run & un-clean in both local & national papers. All i saw was a very good service.

  Kate B 21:00 04 Jun 2007

Very glad to hear you're ok, Brigadier!

  Jak_1 21:15 04 Jun 2007

For most of my Naval life I worked in the Royal Naval Medical Services both ashore and afloat, all of high standards. From what I have seen of the NHS since leaving the forces has been good. I worked with a private paramedic ambulance firm for a while and had cause to make trips to various hospitals up and down the country, what I saw were very high standards of care. I also get exelent service from my own GP, making an appointment is easy and I can usually get a timeslot suitable and quick.
Personally I would like to see lottery money chaneled into the NHS and less into the so called 'Arts'. To my mind a theatre is a commercial enterprise and a business, small up and coming theatre ventures ok but not the large Opera Houses and mainstream Theatres.

  p;3 22:58 04 Jun 2007

despite the fact that, given very difficult circumstances, a lot of good (probably far more than many people realise ) is done witin the health service , strangely people seem far far quicker to moan and complain than to give praise and thanks

  Forum Editor 00:46 05 Jun 2007

anyone who has been an in-patient in an NHS hospital usually comes out singing the praises of the medical staff. I certainly did when I had to have a steel pin put into my leg after a sports accident.

The big single problem with running something like the NHS is that inevitably there'll be conflicts between medical and administrative priorities. The medical staff should almost always win, but they don't,and that's because of funding problems.

In other words, it's our fault.

  Totally-braindead 00:48 05 Jun 2007

The Brigadier now thats weird, about three weeks ago I went to the doctor complaining about chest pains and a tingling sensation in my left arm.
Lots of tests later, and these were done at my local doctors surgery as I didn't need a full scan as the tests they did proved I did not have even a mild heart attack.
I have been told that I have torn a lot of the muscles round my rib cage, no idea how I did this I must add but it was a great relief to hear it. Still feels like theres a small child standing on my chest though. So I know exactly how you feel.

  DrScott 09:04 05 Jun 2007

is one area where there has been a huge drive over the last few years to get patients assessed and treated as rapidly as possible. This was due to studies which showed that one of the medical interventions to treat a particular type of heart attack, thrombolysis, is most effective if given within 6 hours of the onset of pain (well the sooner the better actually).

As a result huge investment was made in improving the time it takes from a patient presenting with chest pain to being assessed and treated.

Unfortunately other areas have been overlooked and care of the elderly is one such area.

By in large, though, the NHS is a superb institution and a wonderful ideal which we should all strive to keep.

  Jak_1 11:17 05 Jun 2007

By in large, though, the NHS is a superb institution and a wonderful ideal which we should all strive to keep.

Hear hear, I couldn't agree more.

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