NFL at Wembley

  laurie53 09:38 26 Oct 2007

Anyone got tickets for the game tomorrow?

(And please, if you just want to say how much you hate American football, or how it is silly, or how you don't understand it then start your own thread! I just want to know if any of the half million people who applied for tickets are forum members, and if they were lucky.)

  J B 10:47 26 Oct 2007

I don't have tickets but I wish I could get my hands on a couple. Someone I know told me that he had applied for tickets and his name was put into a lottery draw. Needless to say he was not one of the lucky ones. I will bet that there will be more corporate people than regular fans at the game since it is a regular season game. I understand that you will have to part with at least £75.00 for the cheap seats. Oh yes, I do like Gridiron Football and always have. I even played it at school. J.B.

  youtruth 12:26 26 Oct 2007

Unlike real football (saw'car) you can spend the first 3 quarters at the bar without any loss of excitement.

And with a bit of luck, the last quarter may spring into life. Then again, staying at the bar may in the end be the best move made in this robot wars.

  Belatucadrus 15:27 26 Oct 2007

There are some tickets still available, or were a day or so as Giants players had taken too many for family and friends and ended up returning a load. Sorry I didn't keep the link as the thought of watching the hapless 2007 Dolphins get squished by Peytons kid brother didn't appeal. The Don Shula glory days are long gone.
Now if the Pats turn up, put me at the head of the queue.

As to watching soccer, I'd rather watch paint dry !

  laurie53 19:32 26 Oct 2007

Although I'm a cheesehead I'd join you in the queue for the Pats!

  J B 20:04 26 Oct 2007

Glad to see there is another Cheesehead on the forum. J.B.

  Main Access 21:48 26 Oct 2007

American football.
Is that where 2 teams of 3 teams play each other over 60 minutes that takes 4 hours?

  Stuartli 23:48 26 Oct 2007

Possibly to maximise US advertising periods?

When the football World Cup was staged in the US, the major television companies wanted to split each half into two to do exactly that.

They were give very short shift.

  The Regster 11:03 27 Oct 2007

It looks like the teams can't wait to visit London, England - if they can find it...

click here


  J B 12:39 27 Oct 2007

I have to admit that there are some who have a reluctance to try anything that is new or for that fact anything that comes from across the pond (i.e. football). At least with American Football and to a greater extent Rugby there is a respect for officials and a distinct lack of play acting. When was the last time you saw or heard a premiership player say sorry for committing a foul. Some of the premiership players should belong to an actors guild with all the antics that they get up to. All they have to do is to get touched by an opposing player and they are mortally wounded. Then a magic sponge comes out, their brow is wiped off, they get up and score a goal, and do back flips to celebrate. How childish is that. Rant over. J.B.

  Belatucadrus 13:06 27 Oct 2007

Most NFL players come from the Rugby style of hard knocks ethos, check out Tedy Bruschi to see how dedicated some of them are click here .

On the down side there's the worst excesses of the collegiate football system where some complete knuckle heads proudly stand up and declare what university they graduated from, when GCSE general studies would probably be asking a bit much.

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