The NFL Comes to London...

  Z1100 17:49 04 Feb 2007

and that is good News.

London will be the venue for the first competitive NFL game EVER to be played outside North America, 2 NFL Teams will play a regular season game at Wembley Stadium, London in October this year.

The organisers expect a full house when the Miami Dolphins clash with the New York Giants in their Regular Season Game. This is not set to be a one off game. Playing NFL Games outside of North America is set to become a standard according to the NFL Commissioner, Goodell.

So, are you up for that? As a big fan I have cash at the ready for the ticket scrum!


Oh, and apparently it will generate revenue for London; like I care... Show me the Grid Iron!

  powerless 18:27 04 Feb 2007

That's some distance to travel.

  Kate B 18:44 04 Feb 2007

Sounds great, Z1100 - hope you get a ticket or three. Enjoy!

  Z1100 18:48 04 Feb 2007

How did you know I need 3 Tickets? ;)

Yes, and it is going to be regular. In 2008 they are already saying the NFL will play one game in Germany!

If it goes on like that maybe the 'World Champions' will not be an American team. lol. :P

  Zero G 18:59 04 Feb 2007

Should be fun.
On the theme of US sports, how can they call it the world baseball series when only the USA plays in it?????

  Forum Editor 19:06 04 Feb 2007

I'm all for it, and as Wembley is only 30 minutes from my door I'll look forward to being there in october.

  josie mayhem 19:33 04 Feb 2007

Wasn't there a game n London back n the late 80's when they frst introduced the game in this country?

I also hear that they trying to get American football league going again starting in London, that why the match...

Hubby will be staying up to night to watch the final.... His company will NOT be me, but a glass or 2 of jack danails...

Personaly I can't stand American football, way too long winded a splat of action of blokes knocking into each other, then tones of faffing around. How many times hubby has said its only got 5 mins of play, half a hour later it's still going....

Rubgy union any day..

  Cannuck 20:40 04 Feb 2007

The reason American's call it "The World Series" is because long ago, a now extinct newspaper called "The World" (from New York I believe), sponsored the cup. Thus "The World Cup".


  Z1100 03:45 05 Feb 2007

Yes, there was. That was a Pre Season Exhibition game not a regular season game. August, 1987 Chicago Bears beat Dallas Cowboys 17-6 in London.

In fact, this year the NFL are taking a Pre Season Game to Beijing, China in August. I think the Commissioners are really keen to get this game played more outside Continental America.

The best of that so far being NFL Europe. Most NFL Teams send rookies or injury recovery vetrans to NFL Europe and the NFL Coaches take NFL Europe very seriously indeed.That (NFL Europe)incidentally kicks off again on April 14th! What a shame the last UK team folded about 2 years ago.


ps, just finnished watching the Colts beat the Bears in Superbowl 41. Bedtime now I think!

  wiz-king 06:45 05 Feb 2007

It fills me with about the same enthusiasm as the Italian football . --- nil!

  dagbladet 07:34 05 Feb 2007

Not sponsored by the 'New York World' according to Snopes.

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