Next-gen gaming consoles

  PC Advisor 13:40 01 Jun 2011

A quick question for the gamers among us.

With Nintendo planning to show off its successor to the Wii at E3 next week, and rumours spreading about the next consoles from Microsoft and Sony, what are your thoughts on the next generation of games consoles? Which one do you think you're likely to go for? Are you getting excited about the eighth-gen consoles, or is it too soon to get interested?

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  n47. 13:51 01 Jun 2011

Are you getting excited about the eighth-gen consoles

No. Quite happy with current Wii, xbox360 and PS3. You can nearly guarantee that the next generation consoles will not play current software. It's just a money making racket for a few added features.

  David Price 13:57 01 Jun 2011

n47 - are you convinced of that? Usual practice is to make consoles at least partially backwards-compatible. PS3s play a lot of PS1 and PS2 games, don't they?

It'll be the new software that'll convince people to upgrade, though. Plus exciting new hardware innovations like controllers with touchscreens, for example...

  wiz-king 16:05 01 Jun 2011

Not interested at all. Gaming got too hard after I up-graded to the Acorn Atom.

  n47. 18:46 01 Jun 2011

David Price

"PS3s play a lot of PS1 and PS2 games, don't they?"

No. Not the newer consoles. The original PS3 60Gband lower ran PS2 games through emulation, rather poorly. The newer systems do not run PS2 games, so you have to use your old PS2 consol. All PS3's will PS1 games.

The original XBox games will not run on a XBOX 360 unless you download emulation for every game.

The nintendo wii runs game cube games.

  n47. 18:48 01 Jun 2011

sorry should say

All PS3's will run PS1 games

  Armchair 20:25 01 Jun 2011

I should be excited about these new consoles, but sadly I'm not. I've owned a 360 for three years, but I haven't made all that much use of it for gaming (used more as a DVD player). I find modern games to be increasingly tedious. Loading times seem to be getting longer, I dislike cutscenes and elaborate storylines, and I just can't be bothered with the majority of games I've tried. If this 360 conks out (it's out of warranty now), I wouldn't pay for expensive repairs or buy another one. Much prefer playing arcade games that just get on with the gameplay without loads of useless window dressing.

I think I might have finally reached the end of the road as far as cutting edge gaming goes. Not that that will stop me looking at the next generation machines, mind!

  Autoschediastic 21:47 01 Jun 2011

Well ive heard the new PS4 has either 1TB or 2TB of storage! and its 3D!? with a Quadcore processor in it? fantastic! i think if they price the consoles at a reasonable figure i'd be would NEVER get my preference over my pc for games thou! im just a die hard pc gamer...

  n47. 22:04 01 Jun 2011

David Price

Might be worth reading.

You can play some original Xbox games on your Xbox 360 console

click here

Different models of the Sony PS3 support different levels of backwards compatability with Sony PS2 games.

click here

So £XXX hundreds of pounds for new hardware and then probably have to buy new software.

  OTT_B 22:15 01 Jun 2011

I could be tempted by buying the Wii replacement if Nintendo come up with a new and equally innovative interface, giving more than just improved graphics. Our current Wii gets plenty of use so that part of the justification is there.

  David Price 10:14 02 Jun 2011

Thanks for the links, n47. I didn't realise the PS3 Slim wouldn't run any PS2 games - that's rather shocking if you ask me.

Nonetheless, I'd be surprised if the next-gen machines don't offer at least partial backwards compatibility, as I said. The first models of them, anyway - I guess Sony felt they could get away with dropping PS2 compatibility with the Slim because they were far enough into the PS3's lifecycle.

But I could be proved wrong, of course. And if the Xbox 720 doesn't play 360 games, or Project Cafe doesn't play Wii games, then I won't upgrade for that much longer.

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