Newt Gingrich for President

  Graham* 01:06 22 Jan 2012

Can we possibly have a President of the United States called Newt Gingrich? click here

I can't help wondering what his parents were thinking - 'I know, lets call him Newt'

  zzzz999 07:49 22 Jan 2012

Let us pray to whatever God you have that we never have that man as President

  wiz-king 08:23 22 Jan 2012

It could be worst given the America naming habits:- 'Jr.' or 'the 3rd'

  morddwyd 08:59 22 Jan 2012

"Let us pray to whatever God you have that we never have that man as President"

I don't think we will.

This country seems fairly well set on staying a Monarchy!

  interzone55 09:03 22 Jan 2012



  sunnystaines 09:53 22 Jan 2012

another american election still about a year away, yet the news channels are full of it, are english viewers really interested in it all this at this stage. we dont have all the election dribble from other nations so why american.

  Condom 21:33 22 Jan 2012

From my point of view I simply cannot understand how the Republican party have ended up with such a large number of no hopers especially at a time when the incumbent Democrats are having such a hard time of it. Do they know something we don't?

  Aitchbee 22:47 22 Jan 2012

Maybe his close friends call him ZAK. (Isaac Newton)

That nickname would have inferred 'genius' traits, rather than amphibian undertones.

  chub_tor 14:00 23 Jan 2012


During my working career we had an American join us who had his business cards made up with his name and the suffix III - from then on he was known as The Yes Man or aye aye aye

  gardener 22:48 23 Jan 2012

If you think their names sound ludicrous, have a look at their policies.

  Forum Editor 23:16 23 Jan 2012

"I can't help wondering what his parents were thinking - 'I know, lets call him Newt'"

But of course they didn't - they called him Newton, as Lazarus The 2nd points out.

It's worth considering how some of the names we encounter on this side of the Atlantic might sound to American ears, and remembering the old adage that people in glass houses... etc.

I'm sure that someone in Montana might find it difficult to understand how someone called Menzies Campbell insists that he's really 'Mingis' Campbell. All of us obviously know that it relates to the "yogh", but most Americans wouldn't, any more than they would know that Mr. Dalziel should be referred to as Mr. Dee-ELL.

Then there's that place in Dumfries And Galloway called Glenzier, except that the people who live there call it Glinger.

Norman St John Stevas (of silk underwear fame) couldn't understand why anyone didn't know that his surname was pronounced 'SinJun'. Newt Gingrich would probably think it a bit odd, although Mr.Sinclair (that's St. Clair to the uninitiated) wouldn't bat an eyelid.

Like I said, people in glass houses.....

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