Newspaper Delivery

  flycatcher1 12:20 19 Dec 2010

Here in sunny Oxfordshire with most roads very dodgy and having a long drive with 9-10" of snow cover I did not expect a paper delivery.
At 0900 along came our Paper Boy trudging through the drifts and pulling a sledge to bring our papers.
We had given him a Christmas Box but I rapidly added to it and congratulated him on his efforts.
Not all the young are idle stay-at-homes some gy out and earn some money whatever the weather.
Given me a warm feeling - quite nice at this time of the year.
By the way this weather reminds me of 1947. That was a Winter!

  gengiscant 12:49 19 Dec 2010

Whats a paperboy? I thought they had all died out, gone the way of milkmen and rag and bone men.
If I want a paper up here in a very snowy Edinburgh, its me that does the trudging and without a sledge I might add.

  lucky1 16:52 19 Dec 2010

When we stayed in Edinburgh a one-man-band would come round in all weathers. And the fishwives from Leith with their creels, carried on their backs. Heavy snow didn't put these hardy souls off. From what I remember the snow very seldom affected the auld trams!

  Forum Editor 17:49 19 Dec 2010

could benefit from a chat with yours - we're not exactly deep in rural England, yet no paper had arrived by 3:00 this afternoon. My wife rang the shop and they said 'the snow is too bad for him to come out, he can't get his car up your lane'.

My wife pointed out that I had got my car up and down the same lane several times, and was at that moment some way up the M1 without risk to life and limb. It had no effect, so there'll be a frosty reception when he comes knocking with his 'Merry Christmas' and his hand stuck out. I might hand him a copy of 'FE's guide to getting the job done in the face of a bit of difficulty'.

  muddypaws 19:35 19 Dec 2010

"By the way this weather reminds me of 1947. That was a Winter!"
So do I. Think I had just come out of shorts!

  peter99co 20:02 19 Dec 2010

We had a newspaper delivered by boat after the '47 snow during the floods caused by the quick thaw.

  lucky1 20:39 19 Dec 2010

...the Waterford Times by any chance!!

  spuds 20:58 19 Dec 2010

Our paper lady, (best part of 38, and been doing the job for about 4 years, her mother did the job before her) is a real gem, never misses any deliveries, no matter what the weather. Even when she had her car stolen and torched recently, she got out the kids pushchair, loaded it up with newspapers and merrily carried on, until she managed to get another car. Now thats dedication for you.

  morddwyd 10:04 20 Dec 2010

My mother was a postie in rural Wales in '47.

No wheels, just a sack and wellies over fields, stiles and farm tracks.

So far as I recall she never missed a delivery, but we did have a very late tea once or twice!

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