The news today is very worrying

  carver 09:15 06 Feb 2015

The news today is very worrying and I believe that some of us should be prepared to stand up and stop this mass immigration every year.

If the authority's are so concerned surely they should stop any of the these illegal immigrants getting into the country even if they are only temporary.

They should be stopped at the border and be quarantined until proven to be disease free.

Sorry but what are we to do, shoot every wild bird then check for disease or how about we breed chickens in a humane way so maybe they build a resistance to disease.

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  hastelloy 09:33 06 Feb 2015

We could supply each UKIP member with a shotgun.

  carver 10:40 06 Feb 2015

marvin42 would you seriously give any UKIP member a shotgun without first explaining which end is the correct way to hold it.

  hastelloy 11:22 06 Feb 2015


And explain which way was up?

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