Newest rescue bird to the family..jackdaw

  AL47 22:27 23 Jun 2011

Found this little guy [or girl] on the grass outside my house

was about to go out, saw a sick looking crow bird sitting on the grass a bit away, almost left but due to being fond of birds i went to see if he was ok, he didnt fly or flinch or anything, saw he was a jackdaw and took him in.

Thinking he would probably die me and the gf put him in a cage and fed him, he perked up after a few days, so was obviously just starving.

Had him nearly 2 weeks and hes growing well, apart from knocking all his feathers out.

i love crows and very happy to have him, tho he is noisey and does love coming out of the cage! never even shown fear so having gotten past the 'hes probably ill so not going to make it' phase we named him shadow.

  onionskin 22:42 23 Jun 2011

Nice bird :)

  Devil Fish 23:32 23 Jun 2011

thats fantasic my niece has a sparrow that she rescued been pushed out of the nest they tried to let it go back into the wild but it came straight back free food and bed for the night probably swung it

the moral being if it has become to domesticated you might find you got a lodger but fair play for helping it out

  Forum Editor 00:47 24 Jun 2011

Jackdaws are extremely intelligent and active birds, and if you're going to keep one as a pet you'll need to devote a lot of time to it.

It sounds to me as though you may have found a young bird that wasn't long from the nest, and if that's the case he/she will rapidly become dependent on you. It's very important to understand that you must not release a pet Jackdaw into the wild after it has been with you for a while because it won't survive.

Jackdaws are very sociable, and make interesting pets, but the noise they make can drive some people crazy.

  wee eddie 03:44 24 Jun 2011

If the noise, as he gets bigger, becomes too much for indoors.

It is comparatively simple to adapt one of the simple, wire fronted Rabbit Hutches for his use, converting part of the door into a landing platform

  birdface 08:12 24 Jun 2011

If a Jackdaw you should be able to get him to talk.

I have heard one speak when I was young but was told the birds tongue had to be split to enable him to talk.

Whether true or not I don't know.

  AL47 18:16 24 Jun 2011

i dont mind the noise, and yes we will be keeping him

he is very sociable loves coming out, hes on my shoulder now, a big out door cage would be nice eventually.

luckily i know alot about birds and corvids so keeping him will be ok, ive secretly ive always wanted one, so was nice to find this one.

forgot to say a dead one was found his age a day or two later, think his parents got shot.

  canarieslover 20:39 24 Jun 2011

When I was about 8 years old we had one 'adopt' us when we were out in the garden one evening. It was a lovely summer evening and we were sitting eating ice cream cornets when it descended onto my mother and started sharing her ice cream. I don't know if it had been someone else's pet but it seemed extremely tame and followed us indoors at the end of the evening. That was when the novelty wore off for my father who shooed it out of the house. Next morning it was waiting for us when we went outside. We made the mistake of feeding it for the next couple of weeks so it seemed that we were going to be keeping it as one of the family. My father didn't think too well of that prospect and put it in a box, strapped it to his bike, and cycled off with it. Apparently he had released it about five miles away so was not very amused to get back home and find the jackdaw had beaten him there. A couple of weeks later it just failed to turn up at the back door for it's food one morning and we never saw it again. Had it gone back to it's previous home or met with some other fate we didn't find out.

  Forum Editor 22:44 24 Jun 2011


"Whether true or not I don't know."

Not true. Jackdaws can be trained to imitate words, but it's not necessary to do anything to their tongues - that would be an act of cruelty. All members of the crow family are intelligent opportunists, and will rapidly adapt to changing circumstances.

  rickf 23:02 24 Jun 2011

That's a lively bird. Pity you were not there to save the other one. Good job.

  rickf 23:03 24 Jun 2011

meant lovely

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