Newcastle down!

  user8 18:36 24 May 2009

Will they have to sell the likes of Owen & Butt.
And what will the loss of premiership money mean to the club?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:48 24 May 2009

I am less than distraught...on the bright side though, at least they will not be able to fleece their poor fans rigid by over-charging for everything. Their poor footballers must be distraught and might have to actually work for a living from now on.

'And what will the loss of premiership money mean to the club?'..bankruptcy..hey ho, another business down the tubes.


  Stuartli 19:14 24 May 2009

Newcastle United have no more or less right to be in the Premiership than any other team.

You have to earn your place and that, sadly, is what a once great club has failed to achieve.

As for Owen, who has been unlucky with injuries, and Butt, it seems to me that both are probably well past their Sell By date...:-)

  PalaeoBill 19:20 24 May 2009

Having been born in Wallsend and still sounding like it, despite living most of my adult life elsewhere, I am bracing myself for next weeks inevitable teasing. I think I might print up some cards, "just 'cos I was born there", "doesn't mean I know anything about football", "or care".

  wee eddie 19:30 24 May 2009

over and above noticing the Postmark on the envelope that their Pay Cheque came from. I could, perhaps, see a point of becoming upset.

However, as most Supporters are about as loyal as quicksilver, I see little point in grieving.

Maybe some Russian Oligarch will now buy it and it'll recover.

There's nothing wrong with First Class Football the the Emperor Nero would not have recognised. Bread and Circuses is all that is involved now. A pacifier for the masses.

  dwaynedibbly 20:21 24 May 2009


I was also brought up in Wallsend. I used to play footie at the Wallsend Boys Club.
My one saving grace, is that I now live in Yorkshire, and they haven`t got a team worth any bragging rights. (Micky taking should be at a minimum)

Yes all the good players will leave. I use the term good very loosely as few of them deserve it.

Where is the passion and the spirit that was present in many of the teams pre Premiership days?
I don`t want too whinge on, because at the end of the day, the Toon were not good enough over 38 games.
Mike Ashley has to face up to the fact that all the money in the world will not buy you success if you meddle in something you know nothing about.
With the only goal in sight, being a financial one.

Roll on next season, some good games against teams who play football in the spirit it was meant to be played.

  Si_L 21:55 24 May 2009

Owen will go to Man City I think, they have the resources to not mind if he is sat out injured. When he is fit and firing he is one of the best in the league, and he belongs at a good club.

As for Butt, hes approaching the wrong side of his 30's, and I think his time is almost up in the Premier League. A smaller club like Portsmouth or Wigan for him maybe.

Martins will go abroad I reckon, he hasn't been great in the EPL, and Viduka will go to a smaller club too.

I'm glad Hull stayed up over Newcastle, I took a liking to them early in the season when they beat some top teams, lets hope they bring that form back. Newcastle were dead wood since Ashley bought them.

  QuizMan 23:33 24 May 2009

Keegan was supposed to be a saviour. Shearer was supposed to be a saviour. Is it coincidence that saviour rhymes with failure?

  Si_L 23:40 24 May 2009

Also the other thing I was going to mention is that a better thread title would have been something like 'Premier league survival' or something. It ruins it for people who want to find out the scores watching MOTD.

  Stuartli 00:18 25 May 2009

Alan Shearer agreed to become temporary manager with just eight games to go (encouraged, of course, by a very hefty payment); that left the chance of rescuing an already not up to the task team a very slim one.

Actually it's a shame that two of the top North East sides are no longer in the Premiership as the whole area is completely football daft and has been for decades.

  Si_L 02:48 25 May 2009

Putting Shearer in charge of Newcastle was such a stupid thing to do. The man is brand new to management and they throw him into a Premier League relegation fight and he manages a single win against another relegated team, did they honestly expect any more? Sure he's a Toon legend, but he is not a manager yet, and though he may have bought some inspiration and such to the team, he didn't bring much else. They would have been better off hiring someone with experience, if only for the remaining games.

Gareth Southgate as well, another player-come-manager who should have been broken in at a lower level before stepping up to top flight management. His three seasons at Boro have been entirely unremarkable, two bottom half finishes and then relegation. Good players don't always make good managers, and the clubs have no one but their selves to blame for hiring inexperienced people for such demanding jobs.

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